Promote Your New Music: 4 Different Ways 

Music marketing is a huge topic. It often overwhelms people, but there’s no need to panic. Here’s 4 different ways to get your tracks heard.

Use Reddit

Reddit has a huge user base and is the perfect place to promote your music across. At current it has 33 million uses, 852,000 subreddits and 140,000 active communities. Remember subreddits have certain rules which have to be abided to but I am sure out of the 852,000 it will not be difficult to find a couple to post new music across regularly. Reddit has a unique up scoring system and if scored high enough, your new tracks might reach the front page. Out of the 3.3 million user base a few of them will like your music.

Post music on Instagram

Instagram is another must for music promotion. At current posts with the location attached of 79% more engagement. You could post clip if you are new music track but also tag the location of your next show. This will help build and awareness about your brand. Remember to utilise stories to increase awareness and to keep your fans interested. Do not forget select your music on Spotify and add it to your story to help promote your brand, record label or music.

Start an email list

Email lists are just as important. You may think it’s an outdated method however this is a direct way of reaching your audience without having to pay or rely on another network. To build a successful list you all need mailing list software and a landing page where your recipient will input that email address.  There’s plenty of cost effective solutions to start sending music. Get creative with subject lines to get people get a high open rate. If the recipient has already gave permission to email them you have passed the initial hurdle.

Burn a CD

Sending a CD. Yes one of a those round plastic things we used to burn music to. These days most music promotion is done by sending digital files out of convenience. If you want to make an impact, send somebody something they cannot miss. If you try to get hold of an important influencer, you may have to think outside the box. I am sure if you received a mysterious CD for the post you would most likely check its contents. Remember branding, artwork and appearance is equally important as to the music.


Come up with a consistent social media posting strategy. Have a look at your Facebook page and check out the statistics. Will display the busiest days when off and engage more with your content. Use these days to post the most valuable content as you will reach more people. Use the less busy days to post evergreen content and keep the consistency high. Use a social media application to help you keep on top of your post and schedule. Set a date every week and schedule your posts for the remaining days. This will boost productivity and means you do not have to lock into Facebook every day. Win.

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