Get real-time

for your audio content.

See key information in real-time: helps you track:

  •  Who is receiving and listening
  • What they listened to & downloaded
  • When they interacted w/your content
  • Where they are located geographically

List Management:

  • Segment your contact list into groups (by genre, by anything you want)
  • Contacts can be a part of multiple groups. We will only send to them once per campaign (unless you invoke manual override).

A universal solution for linking to audio:

  • Shareable direct-links for Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, email, etc..
  • Automatic Dropbox integration for your recipient’s convenience.
  • Bulk-send function to send to specific segments of your mailing list
  • Optionally allow your recipients to forward to their own list.

Piracy Protection:

  • Automatic per download watermarking
  • DMCA takedowns

Insights you will gain..

  • Activity Log updated in real-time allowing you to monitor activity at your leisure.
  • Force feedback before the recipient can download the audio files.
  • See the activity for specific contacts, campaigns, etc..
  • Share-able reports for your internal staff, clients,  and press..

Clean mobile experience + Dropbox integration.

1. Upload your files

Uploading just takes a few seconds! You can add artwork, header, audio files (MP3, WAV, AIFF), and a custom message, press release, or other relevant information.

2. Send to your recipients

Share the link to someone in private or using our system to send to all your contacts in bulk. Segment your lists, individual subscribers or paste in a list of email addresses. Send it now or schedule a future date.

3. Get feedback in real time

Now for the best bit. You’ll be notified of email opens, track views, downloads and comments.

World-class features at your fingertips

8 reasons why our users love

60 second campaigns

Creating your campaign page will only take a minute; copy your press release, upload your audio files and add some artwork.

Intelligent mailouts

Schedule and send music to your contact lists, avoiding spam folders and gaining valuable feedback for use in your marketing.

Real time updates

An activity feed and real time notifications; see when your contacts have read your email, listened or download to your release.

Piracy protection

Our piracy protection system adds inaudible signatures to your mailout files – so it’s easy to find out where a leak originates. We can also scan for illegal downloads and issue DMCA takedown for you automatically.

Dropbox integration

Your recipients can give feedback on the road and have their downloads sent to Dropbox, ready and waiting on their devices.

Mailing lists (or not)

Paste in a list of email addresses or send to a single recipient on the fly. If you don’t have the person’s email address you can generate a private link just for them and share it to them on their favorite social network.  Universal!

Pause your subscription

Only pay for when you’re using it. Hit pause, and we wont bill you until you’re ready to come back. Everybody’s happy.

Live feedback reports

Send your artist or label the URL to your feedback report, and they can track a campaign’s progress in real time, without making an account!

Our early adopters

"Loving since switching over from FATdrop. The staff are really personal and helpful too. Sticking with these guys for the foreseeable future."

− Tom Flanders, Never Say Die Recordings

" offers an efficient and functional promo delivery service that caters to all of our needs, and it's just the beginning for this fantastic tool"

− MethLab Agency / Terminal

" makes it quick and easy to send out tunes and get feedback. It's quick to use and the team are always on hand to help out if I have any questions."

− James Mernagh, Example Media

"Lightyears ahead of the competition.."

− BenXO

"I can't stress this enough but @promoly have the best customer care, hands down. ALWAYS there to help. Great service!! Thank you guys :-)"

− LostDubs

"Just sent the next Multi Function mail out using @promoly very user friendly system ?"

− Levela
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