Get your artists noticed.

Promoly helps artist managers deliver better promos to their mailing lists.

Promo Pool

Do you want to promote music, but can't seem to get in touch with DJs and tastemakers? Promoly has a promo pool consisting of 100's of DJs and tastemakers — all of whom have already opted in. Send away!

Snapshot stats

Promoly displays vital information about how your promo campaigns are performing. Each stat is clickable, giving you a more detailed report.

Multiple Brands

Whether you're running one record label or hundreds, Promoly's got your back. With one dashboard and a couple of clicks, you'll be able to manage multiple brands without any problems.

Promo Campaign Management

Artist managers have quick access to everything needed to create, edit, preview, and track current music promos from the campaign dashboard. 

Never lose track of a promo campaign again. Your campaigns are listed in order, from the most recent to the first created.

Promoly Campaign Dash
Activity log Promoly

See everything that’s happening in real time.

Promoly is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing promo campaigns, allowing you to monitor your promotional data in real time. 

Need to know everything that’s going on, down to the exact second? Promoly has you covered and will display all vital information in chronological order.

Promoly data includes emails opened, promos opened, tracks played, comments left, tracks downloaded, reminders sent, and more!

"We recently switched to Promoly, and have found it to be an incredibly intuitive service. The support is great, and the staff are very helpful. We look forward to seeing Promoly grow and being a part of it."
Daniel Brown
LA90 Music

Create stunning promo packages.

Your promo will be sent out in a beautifully designed and incredibly secure link — helping you secure those all-important reviews, radio plays, and playlist features.

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