How to Best Utilize Instagram to Promote Your Songs

The landscape for music has drastically changed over the years with the integration of technology. There’s so much software today compared to the last two decades. With the improvements in recording devices and computers involved, it can take less than a day to create and record a song, podcast episode, or any sort of audio entertainment. 

The shift isn’t limited to production, though, as promotions have changed as well. Many brands and artists are able to directly promote their content to others via social media now, which has accelerated the acclaim of the indie music scene. 

Instagram is deemed as one of the most effective platforms for it.

Although it is initially a visual platform, there are still ways to utilize it in order to advertise to your audience. There are also features where you can showcase music and other related content.

Here’s how to best utilize Instagram as a way for promotion:

Film for IGTV

Instagram used to only allow videos under a minute, which can limit the audio that you can allow IG users to hear. However, with the past introduction of IGTV, accounts can now post videos that would take up to 10 minutes. Instead of just posting pure snippets onto your profile, you could now upload a lengthier recording.

Most people do create extra music videos that are shot vertically since this does give a more user-friendly experience visually to those on the mobile app. Others provide sneak peeks into more raw performances and covers of the songs. 

It doesn’t always have to be about the song, though, as showing yourself behind the scenes can also be a good way of connecting with fans. Post up short interviews with people or even just edit vlogs that would make you more relatable to future fans.

Create Instagram Posts

Dropping an Instagram post once in a while can be good. Spamming doesn’t seem to be the move, especially since it can affect the way your Instagram feed would appear. Be a little more tactical about your posts by making them personable. 

Share images of how excited you are about future gigs, pictures of you wearing your merch, and photos for an upcoming album. Don’t forget to try and engage with fans in the comments when you can, too.

Put Links in Your Instagram Bio

It might be odd how a space for photos can promote something that should be heard, but placing links can be effective. If you have your audio up on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, or other streaming services, be sure to put up a link. It’ll be more convenient for followers to find your stuff and listen to it.

Interact Through Instagram Stories

If you want to be a little more spontaneous in communicating with your audience and sharing something about your music, Instagram Stories is a perfect way for that. Many users also view this first when logging on since posts expire after a day. Make the most of it and create, such as sharing updates on how production is going or starting a little Q&A.


Following these steps should be able to get you a good following. It can be overwhelming for some people to experience growth too quickly after successive promotions, especially if you’re on other platforms as well. Remember to keep track and fully utilize it for the success of your audio.

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