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Promoly is the easiest way to market your podcast, audio or music to your email list, social network and direct contacts.

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Your complete path to audio marketing.

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Deliver promos, pre-save and smart-link campaigns to your email list. Promoly is a comprehensive tool for creating, tracking and analyzing promo campaigns, allowing you to monitor your promotional data in real-time.


Distribute your podcast content over email and social media. With one streamable link, Promoly can automatically build an attractive landing page ready for marketing to your mailing list and social media.


Promoly is the perfect tool for artists who want to promote their music quickly. Build your smart-links and pre-save campaigns in just minutes. Promoly is user-friendly and easy to use, so you'll be promoting music in no time!


Engage people with audio landing pages. Promoly can create smart links, pre-save campaigns and audio promos that you can deliver to your email list and share over social media. Promoly provides complete insights and real-time stats.

Let your customers hear your brand.

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Create and manage beautiful promo campaigns that showcase your media assets. Upload audio files, video links, press releases, and key descriptions with only a few minutes of work.

"We feel much happier knowing that our client base has a strong piece of software to help manage their music promotion business."
Jorge Brea
CEO - Symphonic Distribution
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Upload, organise and segment your email contacts into groups with our easy-to-use contact manager. You can even set up automated email campaigns for them without the need for any technical know-how.

"It takes about one minute to start and send a campaign but still has everything you need. The team are really personable and helpful too."
Never Say Die
TJ Flanders
Never Say Die Records


Get feedback, share reports, and stay informed with Promoly. The live reporting system monitors plays, downloads, and comments - as well as providing metrics to help you make better decisions about your marketing strategy. Share these reports with your team and clients.

"Promoly provides a very effective and affordable infrastructure to send out pre-release promotional music to your mailing lists."
Cygnus Music
Daniel Robertson
Director - Cygnus Music

All your promo campaigns under one roof.