Promoly is the most reliable way to promote your music using email.

All your promo campaigns under one roof.

Never lose track of a promo campaign again. All your campaigns are exactly where you need them, listed in order of creation date.

You can preview a campaign and make as many tweaks as you like. When you’re happy, just press send and watch the feedback roll in.

Snapshot stats at a glance

Campaign performance at a glance. Promoly displays vital information about how your promo campaigns are performing. Each stat is clickable, giving you a more detailed report.

Promo Pool

Do you want to promote music but don't have a contact list? Promoly has a promo pool consisting of 100s of DJs and tastemakers. All pool members have already opted in, so send away!

Multiple brands, one account

One record label? Two record labels? Maybe you're running an entire agency? Promoly can handle multiple brands within the same account.

See everything that’s happening in real time.

We don’t want you to miss out. Promoly tracks and displays all promo campaign data in real-time. Everything is displayed on your activity log dashboard.

Need to know everything that’s going on, down to the exact second? Promoly has you covered, and will display all vital information in chronological order.

Promoly data includes emails opened, promos opened, tracks played, comments left, tracks downloaded, reminders sent, and more!

"We recently switched to Promoly, and have found it to be an incredibly intuitive service. The support is great, and the staff are very helpful. We look forward to seeing Promoly grow and being a part of it."
Daniel Brown
LA90 Music

Create stunning promo packages.

Promo inbox

Promoly's campaign creator is familiar and fast to use.

Promoly campaign creator
Album Cover

Nobody likes a bland promo. Upload your artwork to catch your recipient’s eye as they open your email.


Promoly accepts WAV & MP3 at no extra cost. 

Press release details

Your press release goes here. Format your text, add some links, and make your press release stand out!

Record Label

Run multiple record labels under one Promoly account. Create your record label profiles in Promoly, then toggle between them when creating a campaign.

Release Date

Set the release date here. It will then display on your promo campaign.

Enable Reminders

Let’s face it – some people are forgetful, and need a gentle reminder to open your emails. Promoly does this automatically, so you don’t have to spend time chasing them. ​

Require Feedback

Enabling this feature will force your recipients to leave a comment before downloading.