What Is an EP—How to Promote and Market Your Own EP

Extended plays, or EPs, are musical releases with more tracks than singles but are typically too brief to be considered full-length albums. Unlike albums, which are “more expensive and time-consuming” to manufacture, EPs generally have between three and six tracks.

The format of an EP can be diverse, containing anything from new versions of existing songs (known as “remixes”), live recordings, or brand-new material written specifically for the release. EPs are generally released on CD, vinyl, or digital download for music marketing strategies.

EP sales have declined recently due to the increasing popularity of digital music formats such as MP3s and streaming services such as Spotify. 

However, EPs remain an important part of an artist’s release strategy, particularly in the early stages of their career.

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Why Use An EP?

EPs are created by musicians for a variety of reasons, although they are usually utilized as marketing strategies to expand their fan bases. 

Between full-length albums, EPs are frequently used for advertising tours, introducing new bands, and maintaining fans’ interest in a performer. 

Artists frequently give away EPs as rewards for signing up for mailing lists or to promote their live performances.

Additional factors that influence a band’s choice to release EPs include:

  • EPs might be a decent option for musicians who want to release something longer than just one song but cannot devote the necessary studio time to create a full-length album that typically has between 10 and 12 tracks.
  • Some performers use EPs to experiment with less well-liked sounds than those on their full-length albums or to explore new musical genres.
  • On occasion, EPs are used to share unpublished songs from the sessions for a full-length album and the B-side of a popular single.

Marketing and Promotion

Working with a publisher like Promoly, an independent digital music distribution, publishing, and licensing business with offices, is one option for dissemination. 

The advantage of Promoly is that it provides musicians with all the resources they need to market their music globally, expand their fan base, and maintain control of their careers. A record typically costs $20. But if you’re tech-savvy, you can avoid dealing with a third-party distributor.


Suppose your website is polished and updated often, even if it isn’t the most cutting-edge. In that case, it’s an excellent location to upload your EP, especially if you drive people there from your social media profiles.

Social Media

Any artist’s success depends heavily on social media usage, making advertising and promoting an EP simpler. 

In addition to fans, those in the music industry and music bloggers frequently utilize social networking sites. Your social media network, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is permitted. 

Remember to avoid being excessively commercial, dull, or repetitive to keep your audience interested. 

Additionally, keep search engines in mind when creating your tags by starting each tag field with those essential terms and phrases. Use evocative words when describing your music, especially if you’re experimenting with a different style or genre.


Not to be forgotten is YouTube, the first widely utilized music streaming service worldwide with millions of subscribers. Just be sure to link to all your social media accounts and have presentable channels and cover images.


A musical recording known as an extended play (EP) is longer than a single but not lengthy enough to be categorized as a full-length album. EPs typically include four or five songs and are often released as a digital download or on a compact disc.

EPs are a great way for musicians to get their music out to the public without committing to a full-length album. They also allow fans to taste an artist’s music before deciding whether to purchase a full-length album. If you need to promote an EP, you can hire one of the best music marketing companies.

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