3 Tips to Help You Promote Your Music on SoundCloud - Our Guide

3 Tips to Help You Promote Your Music on SoundCloud – Our Guide

If you’ve been following the internet music scene for a while now, you’ve probably become quite acquainted with the idea of using SoundCloud to get your music out in the open. With all the years and effort that you’ve put into pursuing your craft and refining your talent so that you can make it a lifelong passion to pay the bills and live comfortably, it makes perfect sense to use SoundCloud. Now, the question is: Are you really making the most out of SoundCloud?

It’s worth knowing that SoundCloud can be used for so much more than simply uploading your music and hoping for the best. You see, SoundCloud yields so much potential for any musician-businessperson to turn their talent into a well-paying profession if they use the platform properly.

You can use Soundcloud to get both your name and music out in the open for everyone to enjoy, follow, and look forward to with the right promotional strategy. Thanks to the platform’s easy-to-use interface and simplistic algorithm, the extent to which your promotional chops take effect is entirely up to your control.

Whether you have a new track or EP coming out or have been aiming to gain some much-needed traction in the industry, here are a few SoundCloud promotion tips that you can put into play right away:

1. Put a marketing plan together—and stick to it

One of the most effective techniques that you can use to your advantage when promoting your SoundCloud is to build a marketing plan that can help set every promotional effort in the right direction. While it may not necessarily be as exciting as playing a concert for 10,000 people, creating a marketing plan and following it step by step is the best approach to make your way there much faster.

When putting your marketing plan together, it’s important to understand your target market on a much deeper level in terms of what they do, what works best to their preferences, and how they enjoy their music. Doing so is a great way to understand how you can promote your SoundCloud music in a manner that’s easy for them to consume.

2. Check who your fans follow

If you already have an ideal fan in mind, knowing who they follow on SoundCloud will help with figuring out how you can be what they look for. Once you pooled a test group of similar potential fans or profiles together, go ahead and check for any common artists that they might be following. Finding the common denominator among those in your ideal fanbase will show how you can represent yourself on SoundCloud so that you can promote better and attract like-minded followers as well.

3. Keep an eye out for data by going pro

SoundCloud also provides its users with valuable data. However, accessing data analytics on SoundCloud requires going pro. As soon as you get SoundCloud pro subscription, you’ll be able to access traffic data and listener data to understand what tweaks you’ll need to make with your promotional efforts. Additionally, upgrading your account to SoundCloud Pro is also a great way to ensure what upcoming trends on the platform are drawing attention and are about to become the next best opportunity for further growth.

Promoting your music on SoundCloud is a step in the right direction towards becoming a full-fledged professional musician. Properly doing it will make a huge difference in how successful you can get. By following the three tips mentioned in this article, you can ensure that your promotional efforts can fast-track you and your music towards success easily.

If you’re looking to learn more about getting more plays on SoundCloud, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

3 Effective Ways to Make Music Your Promotion's Focal Point

3 Effective Ways to Make Music Your Promotion’s Focal Point

A quick look at the Internet will reveal multiple ways to share your music and promote your identity. Putting much thought on how you market your image and your music gives you a better chance of getting discovered and heard in a competitive industry. However, promotion and image must not take the bulk of the artist's time. Instead, developing great music must still be the priority.

That said, here are three ways to use music as your promotion’s focal point.

1. Define who you are

If you still see yourself as a musician or songwriter, then you must put in mind this persona from the way you dress to your posts on social media. Creating great music is challenging even for experienced musicians, and that's why artists compensate by building their brand and boosting their image as motivation to create great music.

However, nothing is as sleek and more thoughtful as a marketing campaign than promoting their music itself. If you put yourself in the listener's position, an artist that is all hype but creates no great music is not worth following or listening. After all, it's still the music that separates the good and the bad artists.

2. Music comes first

Musicians often choose to concentrate on their music instead of their image. This is because building an online presence nowadays is imperative, given the social media-driven culture. It's not enough to be a great musician anymore. Instead, they must build their image to connect to their fans or gain new followers.

While it's vital to update your followers about a portion of your daily whereabouts, take some time to feel the essence of your music and promote that instead of yourself. Find a way to connect with your audience using that message for them to appreciate your music on a personal level.

That way, they will appreciate your music more than the memes and the goofy videos that you post online. Posts of that type are useful in gaining short term attention. Unfortunately, they do not align with your overall strategy, especially in pushing your music further.

3. Limit your options for the best

The options are limited but in the right way. An artist who knows what their music is all about limits the means to present themselves and their message. It makes promotions and branding easier when compared to musicians who do not understand what their music means and why are they creating it beyond monetary reasons.

Don't worry if you can relate to this because it takes years for a great musician to form a solid musical identity. You cannot force or rush it because it is a significant decision that you must start to think as soon as possible. Defining your music sets the tone for your image, which makes promoting and finding a fan base easier.

Leverage technology's power

Aside from social media, you can also use other platforms to promote your music or your shows. Email messaging is still an effective medium despite its limited reach. Learn more about how you can harness this platform to promote your music effectively.

If you are looking for a music promotion company to help you promote your music effectively, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

2 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Show When Performing in a New City

2 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Show When Performing in a New City

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner that’s been tapped to play a few gigs out of town or a well-known act taking the national stage, there’s always the struggle of performing your music in a new city.

Performing in a city that you’ve never had a show before comes with an understandable amount of overthinking, self-doubt, and an overall fear of what’s ahead of you. Out of all the different aspects that you have to worry about when playing a show in a new city, the promotion will be at the top of your priority list. While it may be true that it’s very much possible to gain momentum and a set of new fans to your following by performing in a new city, ensuring that people actually know you’re performing can be more difficult than expected.

Two sure-fire promotional strategies

Fortunately, promoting in a show in an unfamiliar city doesn’t always have to be as hard as people say it is— especially when you know the right tips and tricks for effective promotion. To ensure that your set is a big hit in a place that you’ve been to before, here are two promotion tips that most of the industry’s biggest players abide by:

1. Pitch your show to local press and radio outlets

If you play your cards right, being the newcomer in an unfamiliar town can work to your advantage with the help of the area’s local press and radio outlets. Pitching your show through a simple meeting or conference call can go a long way in making sure that everyone in town has a reason to go to your show.

Presenting your upcoming show as a “debut performance in the city” to a local press or radio outlet will undoubtedly get the attention of the locals. Bringing local press and radio outlets into the mix will speak for itself in terms of answering the question, “why should we promote and cover your show?” Blogs, online news outlets, and radio outlets look for certain stories to generate interest in the area that you’ll be performing in, which makes it much easier for your debut show to come off as a hot topic.

2. Run a targeted ad campaign for your upcoming show over social media and local blogs

Should you find yourself with a comfortable budget that can be used on various promotional expenses for your upcoming show, then its best to go all-out on social media through targeted campaigns.

With the help of a targeted social media ad, you can get the word of your show spreading like wildfire, especially in locations that thrive on discovering talented acts. Selecting the right location, age, and music preference when setting up your social media targeting can be particularly impactful, even more so when you have a flexible budget.

With the right promotion strategies in place, you can easily overcome the pre-performance jitters of performing in an entirely-new territory to a crowd that you’ve never performed in front of before.

If you’re looking for a music promotion company to help you promote your show, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

How Overpromoting Your Music Can Push Your Fans Away - What to Know

How Overpromoting Your Music Can Push Your Fans Away – What to Know

Technology has now made it easy for artists to update their fans about their latest musical productions or personal ventures. Social media allows you to connect to a wide audience by sharing what you had for breakfast or lyrics to a new song you are producing.

Even an image of the backstage at a concert helps you forge deeper connections with your followers. However, the ease of sharing updates does not mean that you must share every minute of your life.

Don’t bombard them with information

If you put yourself into your fan’s situation for a while, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you feed them daily. Instead of seeing essential updates about your music, you bombard them with an endless news cycle about your pet, new places you visited, and dating app notifications.

Posting everything on social to see which updates get the most interaction is a negative strategy because you combine exciting updates with random posts. As a result, your social media engagement decreases because of the oversharing dilutes a fan’s attention. Shrinking attention spans and the reduction of reach for organic posts makes oversharing a bad idea as well.

Refine your social media strategy

Most of your social media followers care about your music. Because of this, you should only post about new music, gig schedules, and future collaborations to get the utmost priority. Posting an image of the pizza that you will share with your band does not add value to your social media strategy.

Don’t abuse your freedom to post anything on social media. While there’s nothing wrong about engaging your audience in a conversation, sharing more updates than needed takes away your promotional power. Your fans will pay less attention if you provide mundane updates that are irrelevant to your music.

Prioritizing what’s important will help you get the most of each post. However, this doesn’t mean that you must discard sharing about the lighter side of your life. Instead, you can do one post of that nature for every two or three music-related updates. If you’re releasing a new album soon, focus your messaging to promote that and stay away from posts that are unrelated to the album.

Combining different types of posts will surely deliver stronger messages as well. A one-liner about your new single combined with a short video of the recording process will draw more visitors to your social media assets. The same approach will also work if you want to share funny or poignant updates.

Upgrade the promotional campaign for your music

Regardless of post types, you must earn your audience’s attention by initiating an effective distribution campaign. You can send the music through their email and track whether or not they opened the message and listened to the song.

Using Mail Merge will make it easier to share your music with a broader audience. Their software must provide stats and analytics about the recipient’s tendencies. Finally, their fans must have a platform to address their feedback. Contact a company that offers email music promotion and ask for a free trial of their platform if possible.

If you are looking for a music promotion company to help you promote your music effectively, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

How To Effectively Promote Your Music - What to Know

How To Effectively Promote Your Music – What to Know

It’s frustrating to get a cold response from audiences when you reach out about your music. Your tracks did not create a ripple even if you’ve put in the effort and the sleepless nights to complete them. You’re lucky to hear from a non-mainstream reporter who will promote your music because he digs your sound so much. But as for the hundreds of people you’ve sent your songs to? Nothing.

Getting attention is not easy, especially in the crowded music industry. Aside from sounding like two or three other artists, it’s the media who will help propel your identity to interested listeners. There are ways to beat the odds of emerging from a populated pool. However, remember that there are people who will not like your sound as you go mainstream. On the flip side, there is an increase in listeners that love your music as well.

What’s the story, morning glory?

We’re not talking about the Oasis album here. Rather, you must learn how to convey your story compellingly. If you are developing a bio, treat it as a sales piece that will entice journalists to listen. You can find angles from your origins, musical influences, and song lyrics. Include information, such as the number of albums released and notable live performances as well. Connecting your songs to current events is good for maintaining your relevance.

Match your image with your sound

First impressions count. Landing your publicity photo or cover art can make a journalist listen to your music. Make sure that the image you submit represents your music accurately. You need not use illustrations reserved for rock bands if you are a rhythm and blues artist. Hiring a professional photographer with an impressive portfolio of published material can help you capture that picture-perfect shot.

Don’t know where to start? Look at similar artists and see how their photos convey their music. You can also ask musicians in your area for referrals on the best photographers within your location. Landing this hire will set the vision for your brand and produce photos that you will be proud to share.

Reach out to music blogs

Now that your story and your pictures are ready, it’s time to make a pitch to people who will promote your music. Blogs can be that avenue as long as you follow their submission guidelines. They may not even pay attention to your message if you don’t follow their rules. Follow them by heart, and you are starting in a good rhythm.

While submitting to hundreds of music blogs can be stressful because of varying guidelines, some of their requirements do overlap. Therefore, you can make a list of their guidelines and look for patterns that will make the process more efficient. You will have to bear with the small changes on the pitch for each blog. It’s a small sacrifice that can pay huge dividends.

Do not forget to include a compelling reason why they must cover you. Tell these writers what makes you different and what creating music means to you. You can dig previous write-ups of these music bloggers to find declarations that may lead them to like your sound. It’s not advisable to reach out if you can’t persuade them to pay attention.

Introduce yourself via Spotify and social media

You cannot underestimate the power of music streaming websites like Spotify in propelling your songs. Therefore, you must upload your songs and complete your profile by sharing a cover image, updated bio, and social media links. Increase the chances of getting discovered by creating an Artist’s Pick playlist containing music by artists that may sound like you. Share the link to the playlist on social media to funnel traffic to your Spotify profile.

Include a link to your Spotify profile on your newsletter and request for follows on your account. With more clicks to your page, Spotify will take note of your increasing popularity and include you on their Discover Weekly playlists. Running Facebook ads can help promote your music, but it will be worthless if you don’t target the right market.

Your hard work does not end after releasing your music. Promoting it the right way will help you ensure that your music is heard, and your hard work and talent pay off. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you’re on your way to reaching your music goals.

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How To Promote Your Music on Reddit

How To Promote Your Music on Reddit

If you’re a musician trying to make a name for yourself, you know that hustle is just as big a part of the game as making good music in the first place. After years of honing your craft, writing, perfecting, and finally producing a body of work you are proud of and want to share with the world, you have to switch from artist mode to business mode and get down to the nitty-gritty of doing just that: sharing your work with the world.

That’s where promotion comes in. Sure, you can wait around for a manager or label to do all the hard work for you. Or you can take promotion into your own hands, taking any means you can think of to get the word out there and to get people to give your music a chance. Naturally, in our day and age, one of the best venues for grassroots music promotion is the internet. You know: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. And one slightly less obvious option: Reddit.

Why Promote on Reddit?

For those who may not have gotten the memo about the third most popular website on the internet, Reddit is a collection of forums where users can submit content and vote content submitted by others up or down, affecting how prominently it’s displayed. There are a few things that make Reddit a good fit for internet music marketing.

First, it’s a highly democratic platform. On Reddit, nobody has more followers or popularity than any other user (for the most part), meaning that something you post has just as much a chance of being seen as any other user’s content. It’s mostly the quality of your contribution that decides how your content is received.

Further, as we alluded to earlier, Reddit is wildly popular, with over 300 million users, just as many as Twitter. Something going viral on Reddit has the potential to make – or break – a person’s career and, honestly, life in general. Viral Reddit posts have helped people find jobs, helped non-profits receive donations, helped get children’s medical treatment paid for, and have certainly brought massive attention to specific artists and media.

That means that if you can figure out how to play the Reddit game right, you might find yourself suddenly the owner of a brand new, huge audience.

How To Play The Reddit Game Right

If you follow these three golden rules of Reddit music promotion, you’ll have a much higher chance of success.

1. Become a Member of the Community

How would you feel if one day somebody showed up at your workplace or neighbourhood and started trying to tell everybody that they’re the hottest new thing in town? You don’t have to answer, we already know: you won’t like it. Nobody likes to be interrupted by a knock on the door from a salesman, and that’s exactly how it’ll feel if you just jump onto a brand-new subreddit and start trying to push your music.

Especially in smaller subreddits (which is where you should go; we’ll get to that later), the forum members truly begin to feel like a community. They start to remember each other’s usernames, tag each other with nicknames, and build a sense of team identity. If you want these people to seriously consider giving your music a shot, you have to first become one of them. So go on the subreddit. Participate. Upvote and downvote (following proper reddiquette, of course). Get to know the subreddit culture. And then you can start to think about self-promotion.

2. Be Authentic

Redditors are a tough crowd. They can smell a phony from a mile away. And they have a really low tolerance for self-promotion. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it successfully; just that you’ll need to be smart about it. The last thing a redditor will respond well to is a user whose post history is made up of nothing but self-promotion, so it’s best to actually participate on Reddit, leaving comments and posts about other things.

Redditors don’t want to see posts that sound corporate, too polished, or overly calculated. They want to connect with something honest and human. And they love a good story. So when you post, be real. Remember how in college your professors told you not to write papers in “internet speak”? Well, don’t write Reddit posts in “college speak.” You don’t want to sound out of place.

And don’t try to fool anybody. None of that, “Hey guys! I just came across this cool new band and I think you should check them out!” stuff is going to work. Redditors are too smart for it. They’re like a band of detectives. Approach with respect and just be authentic.

3. Start in Small Subreddits

One of the most important parts of making a successful Reddit post is knowing which subreddits to post in. Going too big is not going to be a successful strategy in this situation. There’s just too many fish in those seas. For that reason, we recommend staying away from /r/funny, /r/pics, /r/videos, and even /r/music. Your content will just get lost there.

Instead, your best bet is approaching smaller or medium-sized subreddits. Don’t worry, posts in these subreddits can still go viral and make it to the front page of Reddit if they’re good enough.

Here are the best subreddits for music marketing:

Music Promotion Subreddits

/r/musicpromotion – This subreddit is specifically made for promoting music, so you won’t get any ire here for trying to market yourself.

/r/shareyourmusic – Same story. A place made for you to put your work out there.

/r/mymusic – A good, fairly small subreddit to start in

/r/thisisourmusic – A medium-sized subreddit that welcomes music creators

/r/shamelessplug – A subreddit where creators of all kinds can plug their work

/r/promoteyourmusic – Just like the title says: a place to promote your music

/r/listentothis – A massive subreddit with a weekly thread for self-promotion

/r/theseareouralbums – Post here if you have a finished album to share

Music Critique Subreddits

/r/musiccritique – A good place to receive feedback and one where you can potentially get featured on the sidebar

/r/roastmytrack – Here, you’re more likely to get criticism than a large audience, but you might pick up some new fans

Genre Specific Subreddits

/r/acousticoriginals – Post here if you make acoustic music

/r/makinghiphop – Post here if you make hip hop music

/r/icoveredasong – Post here if you want to share a cover of another artist’s song

Bigger Subreddits to Give a Try

/r/newmusic – This is one that doesn’t explicitly encourage self-promotion, so tread lightly

/r/hiphopheads – A very popular hip hop subreddit that you could potentially have some luck in if you’re careful

/r/indieheads – Same deal, but for indie music

/r/popheads – A pretty big pop music subreddit. They’re fairly open to hearing new music but you could get lost in the mix

There You Go!

You have the music. We’ve given you the knowledge of how to promote on Reddit. Now go forth and get famous. Just remember us little people when you get there. Good luck!

How to Promote Your Music Effectively in 2019 - Our Guide

How to Promote Your Music Effectively in 2020 – Our Guide

One of the most common methods to advertise or promote is through the internet. It may be cheap and convenient, but it is highly competitive. Amid the thousands of people trying to get recognition, what can you do to be seen or heard?

Here are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of grabbing attention:

Personal Selling

Used when you can see customers face-to-face, this method allows for direct influence. Especially if you’re influential, charming, friendly, and talented, the ability to communicate your product strengths with business contacts can have massive results. Inviting fans over a local store and spending time with them or taking out a supervisor for a meal are a few things you can do in personal selling.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing means you skip any ‘middle-person,’ so to say, and directly communicate with the buyers themselves. This method is only useful if you have an extensive collection of names and people who respond positively to a one-on-one conversation. Sending mails, texting, and other means of one-to-one communication are different forms of direct marketing, and not many bands do this. You can start by calling your fans and reminding them about an upcoming performance. With less competition here, this method is very likely to work for you.

Radio Promotion

Getting radio stations to play your music can help make more fans for you and build relationships in the professional environment. Forming a relationship with the DJ will not only allow you to play your music on air, but you will be able to reach thousands of listeners as well. However, regular radio stations are harder to access. Start with local stations, get to know the DJ, and build connections. Soon enough, you will receive invitations for interviews, live performances on-air, even to hold a live show.

Sales Promotion

Through the use of discounts and special offers, you can create a stimulated response from your intended audience. Customers will be motivated to spend on your products, and you may have gained more than if you never ran special offers. There are many ways to go about a sales promotion. Having a charming salesperson showcase your products is one of the most effective methods.


Having a sponsor back you up does not only supply you with financial support, but it also gives you a sense of legitimacy. This way, your sponsor can promote you through their products, while you help them at the same time through wearing their merchandise during special events. At the same time, sponsors can hold their events such as giveaways that could potentially attract more fans for your benefit. For someone looking for sponsorship, you can start by heading out to small businesses in your town. They can play your music in the store while you promote them in gigs and other events.

Do not worry about gaining more customers or fans. Follow the steps and increase your chances. If you work hard, success will surely come your way.

Promoly is a music promotion platform for musicians. If you’re looking for a music PR service to deliver music to your mailing list, get in touch to see how we can help today.