Sound Check: How Podcasts Aid Businesses in Online Marketing

The podcasts we know today started in 2004 as an iPod application that let users download radio broadcasts to Apple iPods. 17 years later, podcasts have become a staple form of content on the internet.

Aside from Apple devices, podcasts can now be heard through Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other streaming platforms. They are easy to access and people have a choice on which tracks to listen to. They’re multi-tasking friendly and can allow you to create an instant community.

Businesses started capitalizing on the trend. As consumers gain more interest in audio, having a podcast to aid your brand seems like a chance to leverage your business against competitors. Creating something essential and valuable that people can listen to can improve sales and ramp up an online presence.

Builds Communities

An essential part of business success is creating a community of the people you serve. It can be joined by your customers, clients, guests, and other people who can support your business’s growth. A community that supports your podcast will regularly engage with your brand, which helps build a dedicated group.

The loyalty your listeners offer can be beneficial to your business. It can attract other people to listen and eventually become potential customers in the future. A podcast is an effective tool to communicate with your audience and build personal relationships with them.

Creates Useful Content

Podcasts provide a venue for businesses to be discoverable and visible online. Quality podcast episodes make your brand relevant and can catch the attention of your audience. Keep in mind that Google rewards companies and brands that create helpful content for its users. You not only build visibility but also gain something in return from podcasting.

Builds Authority

If you want to build authority over your competitors, podcasting is the easiest way to do that. Podcasts require their speakers to have adequate knowledge of specific topics in the industry. Showcasing that knowledge to many people makes them think that you and your brand are credible. 

Through authority building, partnerships, speaking gigs, and collaborations will be accessible to the brand. People will also likely support your brand since they know a lot about what you’re doing.

Widens the Network

Networking is always beneficial for businesses. Podcasts can provide opportunities to build connections beyond how brands used to do it. Inviting guests and co-hosts over for an episode may mean much more than a single guesting. It can launch several opportunities that can lead to your company’s growth. You’ll never know what happens after a simple collaboration on a podcast.

Generates Traffic

With many changes in search engine algorithms, it has become tricky to gain a decent amount of traffic on websites these days. However, podcasts can quickly generate traffic for websites. Let your podcast find a new audience for you instead of looking for them yourself. 

Ensure that your podcasts are free of charge, and make sure they are easy to listen to and available on common platforms. Indeed, your podcasts will generate the viewership you need before you know it.


Podcasts are great tools for businesses. However, as business owners, make sure to invest in quality topics to get more people engaged. Also, consider making a schedule for you to develop an instinct to listen at specific times within a week. 

Last, make sure to get people involved. Have weekly polls to ask your audience what topics would they like to hear on air for the next episodes. It’s a give-and-take setup that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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