How Can Your Business Get a Boost From Podcast Guestings?

Marketing is important for companies and organisations. This is particularly true when a company or organisation isn’t getting as much traction as it used to. There’s a point wherein you’ll need to think outside the box aside from the usual promotional affairs with sales representatives and boosting digital efforts like SEO and social media ads.

Did you know that when you become a guest on a podcast, you’re basically promoting your business for free? What’s more is that not too many people realise the marketing benefits that come with this and just how helpful it can be.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast, by definition, is a series of digital audio files involving spoken word that comes out in episodes that can be downloaded for easy listening. Podcasting services have been around for a while, but they only really began to take off in recent years. Nowadays, there are more streaming applications that host a wide plethora of podcasts. Streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music both have dedicated categories as well as podcasts that are exclusive to their platforms only.

The topics a podcast can cover are endless: there are serious podcasts dedicated to business, finance, stocks, and more. On the other side, there is also a wide plethora of podcasts solely dedicated to various facets of pop culture. Educational podcasts are on the rise as well, with subjects for kids all the way to adults taking specific courses of study or research.

Read on to learn more about how your business can get a boost when you go on podcasts:

It Gives You a Spotlight in Front of Your Intended Audience

Chances are, your target demographic isn’t solely yours. You likely share that audience with a number of companies or organisations. A good way to cut through the noise and stand out is to get right in front of them when. And you can do that when you become a podcast guest. Joining podcasts is a great way to expand and reach new audiences that may fall outside your target. 

It Improves Brand Awareness 

No matter what podcast you guest on, you will be able to promote your business. The hosts will likely ask you about it as well. You can share your insights and tie things back to your own business. That way, your company or organisation’s name will be top of mind when it comes to your particular product or service.

It Means Going Beyond Networking

Yes, of course networking is important no matter the industry. It can open new doors, lead to connections that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred, and even bring about surprising new contracts. Guesting on a podcast is a fantastic way to do networking on a deeper level. Connect with industry leaders from the get-go; successful podcasters already have a name for themselves in their niche. It can even bring you new investments from big names in your industry.


Marketing in both the traditional and digital sense is very important for businesses. Digital marketing, in particular, has gotten more important given recent events. A free, highly effective way to do this is by going on podcasts. It helps you go beyond networking, improves your brand awareness, and gives you a spotlight in front of your intended audience.

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