High Notes: Tips to Help You Get Noticed by a Record Label

Over the last decade, the music industry has changed a great deal, particularly since the advent of streaming services. Major recording companies no longer sign every artist that they can, as it is much more difficult to predict who will catch on with consumers.

Nowadays, it takes more than a hit single to become famous; an artist needs to be unique and captivating in their own way in order to achieve fame. While signing with a major label is no longer the only path to success, many budding artists still dream of a contract with a major record company.

Getting one of these contracts is still incredibly challenging, but if independent artists can use some of the changes in the industry to their advantage, it may be possible to work with a major company and secure a contract as well.

If you happen to be an aspiring musician, there is no need to worry. We have listed a couple of tips below that will help you get noticed by record labels.

1. Create a Viral Video of Your Performance

Although record companies may not be signing every artist these days, they are still looking for artists who have a lot of social media followers, have performed concerts that have sold out or are about to release a viral hit.

If you can create a viral video or post, there is a good chance that a record company may notice you.

2. Focus on Your Sound and Your Goals

Just as music has changed in the industry, so has the role of the artist. Major record companies are no longer looking for artists who write traditional song lyrics or play simple melodies.

They are instead looking for artists who are able to adapt to trends and audiences. They are also looking for artists who are not just comfortable with these changes but are able to capitalize on them and make them work to their advantage.

3. Perform Live in Small Venues

If you want to get noticed by a record label, you will need to start performing live. Although performing live isn’t important for every artist, it is particularly important for those who are trying to gain the attention of a major label record producer.

Record labels are constantly looking for performers who know how to put on a great show, have a distinct sense of fashion, and are able to get a crowd of people to dance. If you can do all of these things and perform at a small venue, it is much more likely that a record company will take notice of you.

4. Become a Favorite of Both Journalists and Critics

Although record companies rarely sign artists based on great reviews, if you can gain the favor of journalists and critics, you have an excellent chance of getting signed by a major label.

This is because, these days, the major labels are looking for artists who have already been discovered and accepted by music enthusiasts, such as journalists and critics.


Getting signed to a major record label is no longer a simple matter of having a lucky break or getting discovered by a record producer at the right time.

However, if you can use the industry changes to your advantage, you may find a way to get signed to a label and have a successful career as a musician.

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