Music 101: What to Know About Releasing a Single

You’ve composed a great song and want everyone else to hear it. Indeed, music acts as the starting point and you will realize that music has the potential to either change the world, impress merely a few individuals, or go undetected. How you release a single may dictate your future.

In this day and age, a single can make or break a musician’s career. You can’t just release a song and expect fans to find it without any effort or planning, especially because every other artist has a new single to promote at the same time. It is not enough to merely submit a track on a streaming platform and to consider it released.

Thus, you must prepare preparations for the release of your single. When establishing your product introduction strategy, you will need to address some concerns regarding marketing your song and how your audience will benefit from it, how the single will impact your career, and if it will say anything at all about you as an artist, among others things.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about releasing a single.

What You Might Love about Releasing a Single

The harsh reality is that you can’t expect people to still support you after disappearing for three years to work on an album. If you want to succeed in a culture where people have short attention spans, you should release music more frequently.

After all, musicians that constantly post new content or regularly release singles on their Spotify and YouTube platforms are rewarded. As such, you shouldn’t just release an album every two or three months, and you also shouldn’t release an album that regularly.

Here’s what else you might love about releasing a single:

  • Production of a single song is less expensive.
  • When fresh releases are made often, the efficiency of algorithmic streaming improves.
  • Singles and playlists are popular among today’s listeners.
  • Each single has the potential to become its own event by focusing on only one song at a time.
  • You can reconnect with your current audience or attempt to expand it.
  • It is a low-risk way of determining the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.

The First Step: The Release

If you’ve never released music under your current artist name previously, you should do so. This is because if you do not upload any music to their service, the great majority of streaming platforms will not allow you to claim your artist profile or use the promotional tools. You should definitely employ these powerful tools for your most crucial launches (like an EP or LP).

With that being said, make your mark by releasing a single. This will help you be known in the industry, set up your own accounts, and prepare for the soon-to-be-released new release.

Social Media and Your 15 Seconds of Fame 

Of course, never release a single just for the purpose of feeding it to a computer program. The music must be enjoyable to listen to and great for videos. This might be an infectious hit song for new listeners or an artistic journey for existing fans, which can go viral on social media. There is no such thing as too much material, and as the popularity of platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Stories, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat grows, consumers desire short videos.

Get the Timing Right

Unless you are a performer of electronic dance music (EDM) or pop, you should start with EPs or albums, followed by singles both before and after. In other words, release singles both before and after the release of the EP and album.

Follow-up singles keep fans interested after they’ve moved on to other artists, but lead-up songs build audience anticipation and increase the excitement for the album.


Nobody wants their art or music to go unnoticed. This is why we believe in reinforcing certain practices when it comes to releasing music (or a single) in today’s fast-paced digital world. Now that you know more about releasing your next single, keep all of these tips in mind to gain your audience and keep them coming back for more.

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