A Guide to Making Your Music Known – What to Know

As a musician trying to turn a passion into a fulfilment of a lifelong dream, the publicizing of your music is a crucial part of ensuring that your efforts to get your music heard far and wide are successful.

Taking your passion project far beyond your studio or laptop involves having to put all your effort into generating buzz around your music. This often means that you’ll have to pull out all the stops to get your stuff out there.

Although the thought might stress you out now, getting the right publicity for music can help your talent and hard work pay off in the best way possible, saving you a whole lot of time in achieving the goals you set throughout your musical journey.

Want to take your career to the next level? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Getting your music out there

While music streaming websites are a good way to make your tracks available for the public to listen to, the huge amount of other musicians you’re competing with will make the task of standing out to get heard far more challenging than you would think. This can result in your music not being heard at all.

Now, we’re not saying that you should drop your mixtapes into happy meals or play them over your local department store’s speakers in order for people to hear it, but it does mean that you’ll have to employ more strategic and diverse ways to get your creations heard. One of the most reliable ways to do this is to contact blogs and playlists to play your stuff or publish it on air for their fans to see.

Although it’s not as easy as it sounds, getting the right people with the right following or subscribers to play your tracks for their audiences to see can help your following and plays grow instantaneously and exponentially before you even know it.

Music blogs and viral playlists are run by music connoisseurs who live and breathe good music, and are two of the most important channels or sources that act as a bridge between musicians and soon-to-be fans.

This makes them an important component in the mix for success. Though the process of getting music blogs and viral playlists might seem as simple as just sending an email and having your music played for millions of people to hear, it’s actually far more complex than just a message and crossed fingers.

When executed poorly, the process of getting music blogs and playlists to listen to your work and put it on play for their followers to hear might be far more confusing and frustrating than expected. Therefore, it’s important to get everything done with the right steps.

Tips to keep in mind when contacting

To get your music played for your future fans and followers to hear, these are the steps that you need to follow as you contact music blogs and playlist owners in the hopes of having them open your messages and emails:

1. Be personal with your e-mail message

When trying to contact a well-known music blog or playlist owner, avoid impersonal, generic-sounding emails that will only end up in the trash. In order to make your intended recipient even consider reading your message, you’ll have to structure your email in a way that’s captivating and personal from top to bottom. This means that your subject title should be captivating, your message should be personal but brief, and a story about you and your music should be in the mix.

2. Only follow up once

Nobody likes a spammer, so in order to calm your anxieties while not putting the playlist owner or music blogger off, follow up only once. Nothing’s worse than receiving an email from someone every single day, asking if you have gotten a chance to listen to their EP. Best case scenario, you’ll be blocked or ignored. Worst case scenario, you’ll be put on blast online. Don’t ruin your reputation by coming off as annoying. Be courteous.

3. Get straight to the point

In order to get your message read and your music heard, you’ll have to be specific. Don’t give them the generic “hey, check out my music here!”; instead, tell them if you would like them to review your track, feature your track, or anything else. Don’t forget to be polite!

4. Message the right people

It doesn’t make sense to message a rock music blog if you’re a hip-hop rapper looking to reach the right audience. When selecting the personalities, playlists, and blogs to contact, make sure that they’re actually a part of your genre! This step is crucial to consider because targeting the right blogs and playlists will mean that you’ll hit the right audiences for your music.

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