Efficient Audio Marketing Strategies for Startup Businesses

Startup businesses often have a hard time establishing their brand in today’s very saturated market. Aside from dealing with the everyday problems of the modern industries, they also have to contend with the more significant ventures, which may have more traction and pull with their marketing efforts.

While this may sound grim for small businesses, the truth is that there will always be ways to surpass the challenges of being a smaller fish in the pond. One of the most efficient ways that they may break through the competition would be by utilising audio marketing strategies and methods. 

Understandably, not everyone is familiar with them all, which is why we have listed down a couple of them below for your reference. Take note of them and understand how they are executed effectively. 

By familiarising yourself with the following methods, you may just boost your brand’s sales and visibility in the long run.

Through Podcast

Podcasts are the new radio programs. While the prominence of traditional mediums such as radios has been dwindling in recent years due to the internet, everyone’s enthusiasm in listening in on interesting audio discussions hasn’t died down one bit. 

Some are currently utilising the power of online streaming platforms to make their voices heard through their podcasts, the modern version of radio talk shows. You can take advantage of this trend and establish a podcast for your brand as well. 

This may seem unnecessary until you realise that you can merge this with your PR strategies to better promote your products and services without sounding too blunt.

Through Message-on-Hold

Businesses that have their hotline may incorporate message-on-hold audio clips to their advantage. Instead of the typical elevator music, they may invest in recordings that promote their new products and services. 

They may also voice out reminders or tips regarding their brand’s payment methods and communication channels. Aside from that, you may even promote the official podcast of your brand—the possibilities are endless!

Through Background Music

This may probably be one of the most familiar aspects of establishing a brand identity. If you happen to visit a clothing store that mainly offers skater apparel, you would know what we’re talking about. You may even experience this marketing strategy while visiting your local grocery store. 

By picking the correct type of playlist for your branch, you will let your target market know what your products and services are all about. Just be sure to coordinate with the music labels to avoid coming across any copyright claims along the way.

Through Overhead Announcements

When was the last time you had visited your local grocery store and heard an announcement from one of the personnel? Do you recall what the announcement was all about? Usually, it is done to require the assistance of another cashier. That may be the typical use of overhead announcements, but you may spice it up by adding new scripts for your personnel to read on air. 

For example, they may announce upcoming promos or sales for the store. They may even advise safety precautions in emergencies, which is both valuable and helpful in branches located in states that are usually ploughed by typhoons and tornadoes.


Audio marketing is as vital as the other marketing tools for your business. While modern companies mostly focus on establishing their presence online, you may still use audio recordings and methods to promote your products and services without sounding too obvious. 

Creating your podcast, utilising message-on-hold, picking the right playlist, and adding helpful scripts to your overhead announcements are just some of the ways for you to accomplish this. Invest in these marketing strategies and watch your startup business bloom over the bigger industries in no time.

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