Introducing MethLab: Client Case Study

Introducing Methlab – a cutting edge label boasting a stern reputation representing artists from the the tech-heavy electronic spectrum. Focusing on the exploration of obscure and sonic concepts, theyre known to push aphotic electronic bass music in a futuristic and forward thinking manner. Albeit a fairly new label, MethLab were quick to whip up a prolific roster of artists releasing on the label, including, Broken Note, Current Value, Audeka and Woulg.

MethLab uses Promo.ly to distribute their Inner Core service. Members of the Inner Core receive (depending on which subscription you choose) MethLab releases exclusively 8 weeks in advance of the release date. The Inner Core service also includes exclusive private previews of MethLab projects, exclusive MethLab clothing, discounted entry for MethLab label events, sticker packs and physical release artwork delivered to your door and more.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Promo.ly is an essential part of our Inner Core subscription system, and is really efficient in both delivering music to our fans and analysing their feedback about the music.” – Jeff Lab[/perfectpullquote]

Throughout their short yet vastly effective 24 month expedition of growing the label from scratch, their promotional techniques have played an integral part of the labels growing success. We spoke with head honcho, Jef Lab, about the label and the logic behind their savvy marketing techniques.

Lovely to meet you, Jef. First thing’s first, can you give us a brief overview of how exactly Methlab run their PR / Marketing?

For us, it was important to take responsibility for our own PR, and establish the necessary relationships ourselves, so that we can better angle and promote our releases. As such the independent Sonicode entity was set up, which is owned by one of the co-founders of MethLab. We use Sonicode to distribute music and work with content writers, DJs and radios.

Amazing. Your content is very sci-fi-esque, it gives your branding an obscure and interesting look. How have your promotional/marketing techniques changed since you started the label?

Actually the label is only 2 years old, and we’re really only just getting started in terms of outlining our vision for the kinds of music we work with. I wouldn’t say our techniques have changed much in this time, we work with creators with the intention of making unique output, which as a result naturally has the kind of interesting promo points that writers can find something interesting to explore. We’re certainly an outfit with a strong multi-media approach, and past releases have had videos, interactive experiences, 360 videos and cutting edge artwork to support them. We have plans in progress with VR for future projects too.

You’re sure hitting every angle in terms of creating content in ways that is new and exciting! How quickly did you grow the label and what in particular do you think really helped push the brand forward?

The label grew pretty quickly to be honest, and we’d put that down to 3 things: we had an established and popular radio show for a few years before launching, which meant that our Soundcloud follower base started strong, and also we attracted the kind of audience who would be interested in the type of music our label would put out. The 2nd thing is that we spent many years building up our base and considering our aesthetic and the vision we wanted to manifest, which meant that from the outset we had an established idea and identity in mind. Finally, we also paired up with Bad Taste Recordings for the first couple of releases we compiled, which came out as MethLab Vol.1 & 2 on their label, as they liked our vision and the music and visuals we were bringing to the table and supported our concept.

What advice would you give your younger self when you first started the label? What important things have you learnt on your journey that would be interesting for new labels starting out to learn earlier on in the game?

Keep things professional, reward the creators as early as possible, with advances and similar incentives. Build a family and crew that both believe in the united vision and also are the kinds of people and personalities that will be stable in the long run. Working in the creative industry comes with many stresses and pressures, and not everyone can cope with that – if you surround yourself with those people who get negatively affected by the pressure and start to act out badly on that, it will drain you very quickly. It’s important to have a team of proactive, positive creators and workers and all be working towards an optimistic vision, which is exactly what MethLab has these days. Also, whilst it can be useful to have a personality behind a label in the early days, there comes a point where it’s better to withdraw so that the focus is on the ideas represented by the entity, and not the individuals behind it.

Check out MethLab’s official trailer for Inward, Hanzo & Randie // Memory Check:


Thanks Jef! Make sure to keep up to date with MethLab on their socials:


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