5 Best Practices in Growing a Podcast Show’s Target Audience

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Podcasting is one of 2020’s hottest trends. Although broadcasting recordings through streaming platforms isn’t a new practice, its popularity catapulted over the last year, making listening to podcasts one of the best hobbies people can do while being stuck at home.

But even if podcasting is a hit for most people, it still needs a bit of help in effective advertising and marketing. Since growing, an audience who would listen to a podcast show, immerse in its topics, and generate an exchange of thoughts about it can sometimes be a challenge, growing an audience might be the most effective way to sustain a show. But how can podcasters grow their show’s audience more? Here are some of the best practices.

1. Using a Catchy or Unique Title

A unique podcast title is quite powerful in the league of podcast listening. As many shows compete for the same audience, standing out means proving that you can deliver them something more. For example, naming your show “The First Podcast” would be a pretty generic name to listen to. It’s not a wrong title, but it’s not the title you would remember.

2. Leverage the Use of Influencers

Influencers can be a great addition to your podcast because they can help promote your podcast. It can be a good idea to get influencers on board before the podcast is up and running. They can help you with marketing and even word-of-mouth promotion.

More and more podcasts are starting to have prominent hosts with widely-popular YouTube channels or active participation in various online communities. These individuals can often bring a ton of attention to their podcasts, which can be incredibly beneficial in drawing the ears of audiences.

3. Maximize Social Media

Most people use social media to entertain themselves while not doing work. It is a platform with endless possibilities. Sharing your podcast on social media can help you grow your podcast’s audience, especially if you share a clip of your podcast’s latest episode.

4. Utilize Advertisements

It’s a common thing to promote your podcast through ad networks. Some podcasts go for a podcast network like the Podcast Movement, which can help you connect with other podcasts that showcase your show’s best features. Podcast ads can be a great way to help you create more of a buzz about your performance, attract new listeners, and keep your podcast’s listeners coming back for more.

5. Do Guest Podcasts

Guest podcasting is another excellent way to grow your podcast’s audience. Whether you’re interviewing a thought leader in your niche or simply talking with someone who has a terrific background story to share, podcast guests can build your audience and help you gain exposure in your place.


Creating a podcast to help you connect with your audience is one thing, but growing your audience is a different topic in this case. But always remember that podcasters can accomplish their goals by making the correct choices and approaches to promote their show. As a result, the podcast should stand out from its competition and rise from the charts.

Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your show’s audience. Getting the word out about your podcast is a must because your podcast won’t have a chance to become famous without the proper amount of promotion.

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