How Nick Sadler grew his email list to over 100K subscribers

Nick Sadler is an established music industry entrepreneur with experience in the record label and artist management worlds. His most recent success has been publishing his book, The Label Machine. In this book, he teaches readers how to succeed in the music industry as an independent label owner. He generously offered his advice for readers on how to succeed.

In this Creative Cookbook podcast episode, Nick talks about launching Never Say Die Records with Co-Founder Tom Petais. He speaks about growing their email list to 100K subscribers by giving away music in return for an email address and giving himself 5 years to become a successful music entrepreneur.


Here’s a transcript teaser: “That was how we built a list to over a hundred thousand email addresses because every single release we did, we picked out what we thought would be the number one track. And we gave it away for free in return for an email leading up to the release of that track. And this is when you know, this is when all the music was hot AF. So, you know, and it was a growing scene. So, we just had thousands of people like lining up to give their email address and get the music and the odd thing as well, was that that the track that we gave away for free usually did the best, which you’d think doesn’t make sense, because you could just Google that track name and at the very top, there’d a link to download for free yet, somehow it’s still did really well.”

Nick’s book ‘The Label Machine’ can be purchased here.


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