Take Your Record Label Out of the Paleolithic Era

Launch it Into a New Age with Promoly! Send Music and Track When Recipients Play, Download and Leave Feedback... ALL in Real-Time.

Does sending out music promos make you feel like you’re back in the Paleolithic Era?

It’s 2019. Shouldn’t there be a better way to track the promos you’ve sent out and, you know, find out when they’ve been played or reviewed? The old-school way of sending promos is EXHAUSTING & STRESSFUL. No wonder our ancestors never made it past the age of 35 — they were too tired to keep going!


Start working like it's 2019 (NOT 1999)! At Promoly, we're showing you how fast & convenient automation is for your music promotion.

So, what are you waiting for? Start promoting your music and streamlining your marketing with us! Scale your record label effectively through our:​

Campaign Feedback

Feedback is invaluable. Your recipients can leave feedback and ratings sent right back to your dashboard as a report. Use the feedback in your press releases as social proof!

Stats & Analytics

What gets measured gets managed. With Promo.ly you can see your campaigns' effectiveness at any time and drill down the results.

Simple Contact Management

Don't waste time creating, organizing, grouping and segmenting your contacts on your own. Do it seamlessly with Promo.ly either by copy/paste, individually or CSV.


Give your recipients the gentle nudge they need. Everyone gets busy and anyone can forget to open your promos... luckily, WE don't forget to remind them.

Promo Pool

Need some new contacts? The promo pool is for you. Our customers opt-in to our services and are waiting to receive YOUR music.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep up to date with how your campaign is performing – in real-time. We track and display all promo campaign data including when recipients open, play, download and leave feedback.

Looking for a better way to manage music promos? We all are! Technology is changing fast, and the power of automation can be put to work for YOU to improve your workflow and improve your results

Promoly is trusted by hundreds of record labels and music publicists. Over 200,000 promos sent every single month. ​

"Thanks to your DJ pool, we were able to successfully get our first release to many in the industry, we greatly appreciate that optometry opportunity."
Death Before Failure Entertainment Inc
Death Before Failure Entertainment Inc
"We are happy users of Promoly, it consistently simplified our promo mailouts, support is very precise and quick, would definitely suggest it."
Tommie Keeston
"Promoly has a great toolkit of features I rely on for pushing music out. Email tracking, easy to use interface, great support and well priced."
Fat Tape Records / Promo.ly
Charlie Cox
Fat Tape Records
"We just recently switched to Promoly and have found it to be an incredibly intuitive service, the support is great and the staff are very helpful."
Daniel Brown
LA 90