If you’ve already created your campaign, it’s now time to send it to your recipients. This is easier if you’ve already created your mailing lists, but you can manually input emails to send to.

  1. After logging in to admin.promo.ly, click ‘campaigns’ on the sidebar.
  2. Find the campaign you wish to mail out and click the corresponding ‘send’ button.
  3. Here you can choose a variety of ways to select contacts:
    1. ‘Recipient groups’ allows you to select every contact within a specific pre-created group. Select from the dropdown, or begin by typing the group name, ensuring you select the correct group from the dialogue.
    2. ‘Individual subscribers’ allows you to search for specific contacts by name or email. Select from the dropdown, or type the name of your recipient and selecting the correct contact.
    3. ‘Additional recipients’ allows you to send to people that aren’t in your Promo.ly mailing lists. This is suitable for one off recipients or for copying from lists on other promo services and spreadsheets. Ensure emails are comma separated or on separate lines.
  4. If you wish to send now, leave the ‘deliver at’ time. The time displayed is the current server time, depending on its location. You can change this to deliver at another time in the future.
  5. Click save and your emails are queued up for delivery.
  6. Your emails will now send automatically and can take several minutes. In the mean time, you can view the ’email queue’ using the appropriate button on the sidebar. You may have a little time to review your selection and remove any accidental contacts before the queue is automatically processed.