Streamline Your Record Label's Content Process with Promoly and AI-powered ChatGPT.

Effortlessly generate compelling copy, strategise with precision and make better marketing decisions with Promoly's finetuned AI.


Generate Compelling Copy

With Promoly, you can easily generate compelling copy that resonates with your audience. Our AI-powered ChatGPT uses natural language processing to create engaging and effective content.

"We feel much happier knowing that our client base has a strong piece of software to help manage their music promotion business."
Jorge Brea
CEO - Symphonic Distribution

Strategize with Precision

Promoly's finely-tuned AI helps you strategize with precision. Our platform analyzes data to provide you with insights and recommendations on how to improve your marketing campaigns.

"It takes about one minute to start and send a campaign but still has everything you need. The team are really personable and helpful too."
Never Say Die
TJ Flanders
Never Say Die Records

Instant Music Marketing Answers with Promoly's ChatGPT

Get answers to your questions on social media promotion, Spotify streaming, and more with Promoly's AI-powered ChatGPT. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, giving you the insights you need to make informed marketing decisions.

All your promo campaigns under one roof.