We know music promotion is a slow, tedious process, this is why we built Promo.ly

Promo.ly is effective, quick and can get you excellent results.

Promo.ly is a next generation promo delivery service for anyone needing to promote, protect, and get feedback on audio content.

"Loving Promo.ly since since switching over from FATdrop. It takes a minute to start and send a campaign but still has everything you need. The staff are really personal and helpful too. Sticking with these guys for the foreseeable future"
Tom Flanders, Never Say Die Recordings


We're here! 

Promo.ly is here for those who work in the music industry; we help managers, artists, publicists and record labels succeed at music promotion. Promo.ly is not here if you intend to spam or send pirated music, we'll simply block and report you. 

  • Working in the music industry is a timely process. Our competitors will no doubt cost you more time. Wouldn't it be good if that time could be used else where? 
  • We bet you've sent music promos through your email client before? Do you know who opened email or even listened to your music? 
  • Started a new record label? Not sure what you're doing when it comes to marketing your music? Other companies are not interested in helping you succeed with music promotion.   
  • Are you a record label with a limited cash flow? Our competitors are expensive and will help you spend your marketing budget. A couple of them even charge to set up your account.  

Apart from saving you time, money and effort, here's why we're better. 

We know music promotion can a tedious, slow process, this is why we built Promo.ly. With our state of the art campaign creation and first-hand advice on tap, you can't go wrong

Intelligent mailouts

Schedule and send music to your contact lists, avoiding spam folders and gaining valuable feedback for use in your marketing.

60 second campaigns

Creating your campaign page will only take a minute; copy your press release, upload your audio files and add some artwork.

Live feedback reports

Send your artist or label the URL to your feedback report, and they can track a campaign’s progress in real time, without making an account!

Piracy protection

Our piracy protection system adds inaudible signatures to your mailout files – so it’s easy to find out where a leak originates.

Advice on tap

We've been there, done it and probably have the t-shirt. If you have a question or need advice, we're here to help.  

Dropbox integration

Your recipients can give feedback on the road and have their downloads sent to Dropbox, ready and waiting on their devices.


Promo.ly can save you a lot of time and effort. With Promo.ly you can save stacks of time and send your promos within minutes of signing up. 


Only pay for Promo.ly when you’re using it. Hit pause, and we wont bill you until you’re ready to come back. Everybody’s happy.


Promo.ly is not designed to burn through your wallet. We know cash flow and expenses is important to you. 

Get instant access to Promo.ly now!

Create an account, use Promo.ly for free. Add your mailing list, upload your music and send your first campaign. Watch the feedback come in. 

Why promo.ly?

Promo.ly picks up where other music audio-email platforms fall short; allowing industry professionals to target major influencers, garnering the promotion and feedback required for successful campaigns. Promo.ly users can upload their music and send to any size contact list in just 60 seconds, giving them more time to run their business efficiently.

Get more features on retail websites and blogs. Promo.ly helps you target your existing contacts to get valuable feedback which increases your exposure and likelihood to be featured. Allows recipients to check, listen and review their promos on mobile, download audio or send files directly to Dropbox.

Most importantly our users enjoy a fair price, pause-able subscriptions, and no setup fees. We believe our pricing is excellent and won't leave you with an empty wallet. Our billing is pause-able, we won't charge you when you're not using Promo.ly. We also don't charge to set up your account. 


"We are happy users of Promo.ly, it consistently simplified our promo mailouts, support is very precise and quick, would definitely suggest it"

Tommie Keeston, Kinphonic.com

Methlab Agency / Terminal 

"Promo.ly offers an efficient and functional promo delivery service that caters to all of our needs, and it's just the beginning for this fantastic tool." 

Methlab Agency

When you join up

After you join up you will be able to use every aspect of Promo.ly 

You'll get access to Promo.ly to try out for 7 days. We don't ask for any credit card details, PayPal or any form of payment methods until you're ready to buy. 

The free trial is the full version of Promo.ly. Everything works, just like the paid version. Try it out, add your mailing list and send a promo. See the results in realtime. 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 7 DAYS!

Try out Promo.ly risk-free. Use Promo.ly for 7 days, we won't ask for payment until you are ready to purchase. If you do purchase an account and Promo.ly is not satisfactory you're entitled to a refund.  

Never Say Die Recordings 

"Loving Promo.ly since since switching over from FATdrop. It takes a minute to start and send a campaign but still has everything you need. The staff are really personal and helpful too. Sticking with these guys for the foreseeable future" 

Tom Flanders, Never Say Die & Black Label

Example Media PR 

"Promo.ly makes it quick and easy to send out tunes and get feedback. It's quick to use and the team are always on hand to help out if I have any questions." 

James Mernagh, Example Media. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How do I create a campaign? 

Why isn’t a recipient receiving my promo?

How do I add my mailing list?

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