Promoly helps record labels deliver better promos to their mailing lists.

Track recipient engagement, drive more features and get your artists noticed. Start now, no credit card required.

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Secure and Streamlined Email Tool.

Promoly eliminates the need for tedious, time-consuming manual work. Our email promo tool helps you deliver release after release, all while tracking your existing mailing list’s engagement..

"We feel much happier knowing that our client base has a strong piece of software to help manage their music promotion business."
Jorge Brea
CEO - Symphonic Distribution
"Promoly provides a very effective and affordable infrastructure to send out pre-release promotional music to your mailing lists."
Cygnus Music
Daniel Robertson
Director - Cygnus Music
"It takes about one minute to start and send a campaign but still has everything you need. The team are really personable and helpful too."
Never Say Die
TJ Flanders
Never Say Die Records

Gain Insights Into Your Audience Engagement.

With Promoly, you can track engagement with a single click. You can track how many times each song in a pre-release campaign is streamed or downloaded. Our real-time analytics tool lets you identify the songs that are most successful in engaging your audience and the ones that need more support.

Take control of your mailing lists.

Get rid of spreadsheets and track every single recipient engagement and feature within one system. This allows you to learn from every campaign and focus your efforts on what works best.

Promoly is music promotion software designed for record labels.