Why Digital Music Marketing Is So Valuable for Your Brand

No matter how much effort you put in recording your music, releasing it without effort into marketing will ultimately end in disappointment. Here we explore the critical digital music marketing strategies that will give you the best chance of success.

Now that you have spent months writing, recording, mixing, and mastering your music, it’s time to bring it to the masses. Artists and brands reach this point and assume that their job is over and done, so they sit back and wait for release day to make their music available. Their friends buy it as they promised, but no one else does. 

But when only a handful of people show up to see a band play live, it is not surprising that they stop putting in the effort altogether. A lack of marketing has made these promising bands give up instead of pushing forward.

Without sufficient digital music marketing, we see musicians releasing great music left feeling disheartened at the lack of buzz around their brand-new tracks. They end up sitting on powerful platforms with minimal plays and interaction, gathering virtual dust. Unfortunately, the current musical landscape means that your music won’t benefit anyone’s ears but your own without good marketing and promotion. So how can we change that?

Digital music marketing doesn’t need to involve vast teams of people and cost your annual salary. All you need are a solid social media presence and the suitable approaches to get your latest album or EP off the ground!

Before taking this step, it’s essential to build a solid foundation. Below is a checklist of no-cost actions to ensure the possibility of success when you take more specified promotion routes:

Claim Your Artist Profiles

All is good and well when all of your music is on Spotify or other streaming platforms. But don’t stop there. Claim your artist profile to get behind-the-scenes access to your account. You can regularly update your pic, bio, and—for Spotify— pitch your music to playlists. You may not be able to get into a comprehensive playlist pitching campaign if you’re on a lower budget, but it’s an option available to artists on this platform.

Social Media Presence

You don’t need thousands or millions of social media followers to make an impact. Setting up a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube account is a good starting point. You can consider TikTok, but only if their niche suits your group.

Regular Content Posting

Don’t leave your online presence empty once you’ve set up your band’s social media account. Post relevant photos and videos there! Though your cat is cute or that lunch was delicious, and we’ve seen plenty of posts like this on our newsfeed, building a significant following for your craft means posting music-related content as part of your digital music marketing plan! 

It may seem like it’s good practice to post regularly, but if your audience isn’t engaging with what you’re posting, the point is moot. You don’t want to waste an opportunity to connect with fans by posting something that they don’t want to see.


You have now taken care of some of the initial steps. Your social media pages are ready, and you have some experience performing in public. Promoting and marketing your music can help you reach an audience even farther than your local scene, getting your music heard worldwide. Your first release received 25 plays, but you can double that number of plays by following the simple promotional steps discussed above.

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