Why Are Podcasts Becoming More Significant These Days?

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You may not even realize it, but podcasts are the trending form of media nowadays. In a world full of social media sites and audiobooks, people are flocking towards a platform or medium that still holds water, even when traditional radio talk programs are going off-air. You may have even heard a few episodes in the past few years, all tackling your favourite past times and topics in an hour or so.

Indeed, they are the modern replacement of traditional radio programs, so much so that even various industries are sponsoring their content just to get a piece of the earnings.

If you are surprised by the sudden boom of this platform, chances are, you are curious to know how they were able to do it and what made them have a surge in followers over the recent years. If that’s the case, look no further than our examples below.

While not all podcasts can follow such methods, the critical thing to remember is that most of these are generalized workarounds that any podcaster may attempt and experiment with in any way they please. The only difference maker is whether or not their efforts paid off by the end.

1. They Are Very Accessible

To tune in to your favourite radio programs back then, you must have a radio device near you. The same principle does not apply to podcasts, as you may be able to listen in using your mobile device, computer, and even smartwatch. So as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access all the available episodes.

The problem with traditional radios is that the radio waves per region often limit them, so if you happen to live in the middle of nowhere, chances are, you will miss all your favourite programs. The same can’t be said about podcasts, where wifi connections are a trend even in the world’s most remote regions.

2. They Enable You to Listen to All the Episodes without Waiting

There used to be a time when being a fan of your favourite radio programs would mean that you had to wait each week for new episodes. While some podcasts may apply the same format to their schedules, most of them upload a whole season in one go. 

This means that you can spend the whole day just listening to all the episodes, from beginning to end. You no longer have to wait for a week or two, and neither would you have to miss any more episodes just because you had worked for the day.

3. They Are More Intimate and Relatable

Old radio programs are all about selling something that many may not find endearing to their taste. Of course, they are all sponsored in nature. The thing about podcasts is that they are also sponsored, but they have certain limitations about the creative control of their financial backers. 

This means that they still have the freedom to deliver their content without being hindered by corporations, making them more relatable and easy to connect with.


Podcasts have been making the waves for the past few years, and for good reasons. Aside from applying the same techniques that made radio programs such a hit back then, they are more accessible, relatable, and complete with their episodes.

If you want to create your podcasts, now may probably be the right time to do it, as it is one of the trendiest ways of connecting to people worldwide. Let your voice be heard, and deliver some of the most relatable content on the airwaves today!

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