4 Ways You Can Release Singles To Maximize Success

Releasing singles can be an exciting moment for you. After so much hard work, you can share with the world the wonderful music you have made. You’ve been through many challenges, and now you’re here. However, there’s one more challenge to overcome: how should you exactly release your singles? If you cannot answer that question, don’t worry. There are many strategies as to which you can release your singles to achieve different goals.

Today, we want to share with you various ways to deploy your singles to take your music career to the next level:

1. Plant the Flag

As you might have noticed, many big names today started their career by releasing their singles. They treated their single as an introduction to all the songs that were to follow. Such powerful debuts of their songs can solidify to the audience the type of music they can expect from the artist, and those who love it can stay. If this is what you want to do with your singles, then go ahead. Make sure it is authentic to you and clarify who you are as an artist. Think of it like planting a flag, telling others exactly what you’re all about.

2. Forever a Stand-Alone

Some singles are exactly what their name implies: singles. They stand alone, not connected to any other songs. If you are experiencing different music or want to produce songs that you can put all your creativity into, one-offs are a great way to share your singles. Not only can it be a lot more fun, but if the music doesn’t actually do well, it won’t tarnish your image as much as music that was meant to showcase to others what else you have in store that’s related to the song.

3. Clear the Clutter

Do you have a pile of songs you tried to compose many years ago? Don’t worry. Every artist faces the same challenge as you do. However, do understand that these old songs can be revitalized and used. Often you can find yourself halfway through a piece before giving up. However, once you come back to listen to it again, you might have new ideas and new takes that can turn what was “okay” into something extraordinary. Releasing these singles, in a way, helps to reduce clutter and allows you to continue releasing music that won’t take as much effort as starting from scratch.

4. Maintain the Momentum

If you’ve been on fire releasing hit songs that people love, you can release singles to continue the previous songs’ momentums. This is especially true if you released a full album but still want to capitalize on its popularity. When people start to move on to other songs, you can bring them right back with singles that carry out the story. Everything from remixes, demos, and even live recordings can help you carry the momentum of your previous songs, and when they are finally released, they can be used to refer to your main album.


As you can tell, there are just so many ways to release your singles. You can release it as a stand-alone, as a momentum carrier, or as a way to showcase who you really are. Regardless of how you release it, however, be sure that the music you release are ones you can truly stand behind. There’s no point releasing songs you don’t vibe with, as that will do nothing more than push away your audience. As such, spend the time understanding how and why a single will be released, but spend more time ensuring that the music you craft speaks to your heart!

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