Tips to Help You Promote Your Music Independently in 2023

The internet has completely changed the music industry. While this has been a great thing for independent artists who can now promote and sell their music more easily, it has also made it more difficult to stand out from the crowd and make a living with your music.

Below are just a few tips to help you independently promote your music in 2023.

1. Acquire Press and Blog Coverage

If well-known publications feature your music, it can help you become more successful. Hiring a professional PR person is usually the best way to get good coverage, but this might not be possible for new artists who have limited money.

There are many ways to get your music out there, and one of them is through do-it-yourself PR. This is a great option for artists who don’t have a large budget for marketing and promotion. When approaching bloggers and journalists, it’s important to do it in the right way. The first step is to create an electronic press release. This should include all the essential information about you and your music. The resources below offer advice for musicians who want to take PR into their own hands.

2. Establish a Website and a Mailing List

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses that you can use to send out information about your band or website. A mailing list allows you to send out information to a large group of people at once without having to email each person individually. Mailing lists are a great way to keep your fans up-to-date on what’s going on with your band, and they can also be used to promote your music and tour dates.

This means that if a fan gives you their email address, they want to hear from you directly about your latest release or upcoming tour. A message sent directly to their inbox is much more likely to reach them than a social post that a platform’s limited reach can restrict.

3. Establish an Engaging Social Presence

A well-executed social media marketing strategy can be extremely powerful and help you reach a large audience. It is important to be consistent with your content and make sure that your profile is easily searchable.

There is an endless supply of tips and tricks for managing your social media platforms. However, things are always changing on every platform, so it is important to stay up-to-date. Check out some helpful resources for more information on making the most of your social media presence.

4. Get Playlisted

If you’re an artist, you need to make sure your music is on streaming and playlisting platforms. Playlists are extremely popular and can help you get your music heard by millions of people. Getting your music on a popular playlist can help you earn a lot of money from royalties.

Being placed on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly can help increase your stream count significantly. It’s definitely worth looking into all possibilities to get your music heard.

5. Identify and Focus On Your Audience

It’s important to market your music to the right audience. There are music subcultures all over the world, and finding the one that fits your style can help you get your music out there. Knowing your niche and how to exploit it is key to promoting your music.

This means that if you want to be successful in the music industry, you need to focus on a specific genre or type of music. Find the venues, communities, and fans that are into that type of music and focus your efforts on winning them over.


Overall, suppose you want to be successful as an independent musician in 2023. In that case, you need to focus on creating a strong online presence, networking with other independent artists and music industry professionals, and regularly releasing new music. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to success in the music industry.

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