6 Tips to Come Up with a Catchy Name For Your Podcast

Podcasts are typically hosted by one or more individuals who lead a discussion, tell anecdotes, or provide news. The first step in starting a podcast is coming up with a name. This can be quite difficult, especially if you are not a professional in the field, since it will demand quite a bit of time and brainstorming.

The best kind of podcasts have names that are both sensible and distinct. Know what to achieve and what your podcast is about rather than overthinking it. Gain clear and defined objectives for starting a podcast because a name that plays on your aim is more likely to bring your listeners to your podcast and helps you with marketing your episodes.

Here are several tips to help with figuring out the perfect catchy name for your podcast:

1) Keep Things Short and Sweet

The last thing you need for the podcast is to make it difficult for potential listeners and sponsors to remember your name. There are many podcasts out there with extremely long words and phrases that are difficult to remember and pronounce. You should come up with a short and catchy name for your podcast, as there is no point in creating a complicated title.

2) Try to Incorporate Some Wordplay

Wordplay is used in some of the best podcast names. It is a terrific method to develop a unique name that conveys the essence of your podcast. As a podcast can be about anything, you must make it as easy as possible for listeners to remember it. Although incorporating wordplay can be difficult, you should strive for a name that is easy to remember and understand.

3) Think of Its Searchability Online

Your podcast needs to have a name that is easy to search online. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, especially among audiences looking for alternatives to listening to the radio. It would be ideal if you tried to make your name as simple yet vibrant as possible. A name that is pretty simple to recall and has some catchiness will be easier to find online.

4) Choose a Tone-Appropriate Name

The tone of your podcast is essential. If you are starting and projecting a podcast specifically, you should look for an appropriate name. A name that is too serious or silly will not be suitable if your podcast is on the opposite spectrum. Allow the tone of your podcast to shape the name that you come up with.

5) Consider Including Your Brand Name

If you already have a brand name that you have made popular, then it makes sense to add it to the name of your podcast. Making such a move can actually give you a leg-up compared to other podcasts in your genre. This is because it will help you to build an identity around your podcast.

6) Wonder About Audience Perception

If you can associate your name with the content of your podcast, you will be more likely to connect with your audience. This is one of the most needed elements to consider when choosing a podcast’s name. You should think about who will be listening to your podcast and ensure the title suits the subject matter.


With the help of these tips, craft a name for your podcast that suits the topic you are discussing and is catchy and unique. The right podcast name can help you to attract an audience and garner success.

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