A Step By Step Guide To Succeeding on Spotify

Getting your music recognized and having it become popular is the goal of any music artist. However, with so many people all wanting to be the next big thing in music, you need to work harder to ensure your songs succeed on streaming services like Spotify. Here is a quick guide on how to achieve success on this particular platform:

Step 1: Upload Your Music To Spotify

Simple and obvious enough, your music needs to be on the platform first before it can begin to succeed. But first, you will need some help getting your tracks on Spotify.

Subscription services are more picky with who they allow on their platform, and when it comes to a company like Spotify, you will need links with a digital distributor to get your foot in the door. It’s tough for small independent artists to make it in, so if you want your songs on Spotify, consider the services of third-party labels.

When you are about to upload your music onto the streaming platform, ensure the music is uploaded as a high-quality audio file, with album art and metadata included. Now that your music is online, the real hard work can begin.

Step 2: Promote Your Music EVERYWHERE

The next step in the process is to make sure your music gets the exposure it deserves. Just because you want to be popular on Spotify doesn’t mean you have to promote your track solely on the platform.

The goal should be to advertise your music anywhere and everywhere, especially on other platforms and on social media. Free streaming services like Youtube and Soundcloud are a great way to gain new listeners. Get your music as a soundtrack on TV and games or even on an ad.

The more exposure your songs get, the more likely you will become a popular artist. You are not limited to just online platforms either. Playing live is equally important as it is another source of exposure. You might even convert passersby into regular listeners online!

Step 3: Reach Out To Music Bloggers and Journalists

One of the most effective ways of getting your music to the ears of new listeners is by getting it mentioned in articles and blogs created by influential people. These influencers have a significant following, and their viewers are open to recommendations made by them.

Unlike publications such as Rolling Stone, these smaller music publications are more open to giving independent artists exposure, and if your music has a specific genre, niche publications may take more of an interest in your work.

Use websites like Hype Machine to find influential music bloggers and journalists; you should try to get on their radar. Look for local, weekly newspapers and magazines that have a page dedicated to reviewing local musicians and artists. Perform live and invite the authors to come to listen and review you. The more exposure you get, the better!

If you have some capital to invest, hire a PR manager to get your music some press recognition and manage your music exposure. For those who prefer to do this themselves, reading a guide on media relations is useful. With some creativity and organization, you can easily get your music exposed with the help of journalists and the media.

Step 4: Get Featured in Playlists on Spotify

Spotify often creates weekly playlists hosting up-and-coming talent. These playlists are heavily followed by Spotify listeners, so getting your music on this list is a very good way of gaining new followers.

Since these playlists being created by in-house editors, you cannot pay your way into the spot. Although your label and manager can sometimes persuade Spotify to feature your work, the best and honest approach to get your name in these playlists is to make good music. Make regular uploads and create new content. These are great ways to get your music recognized.

If even after all your hard work, Spotify doesn’t recognize your talent, consider creating a playlist of your own. Include popular songs and artists in your list and add one or two of your songs in there too. If you create a good enough playlist, it will gain a large following and allow your music to be exposed to the listeners.

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