4 Strategies to Help You Grow Your Podcast Audience

So you just started your podcast, and you have made a great list of topics to talk about. The problem is you don’t have a big audience to talk to. You try everything in your power to garner a bigger audience, but nothing you do seems to be working.

Truth is, it may take some time before you can grow your audience podcast. It also takes a lot of dedication, strategy, and patience to achieve the audience you want.

If you are still unsure what to do and where to start, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss different strategies you can use to grow your podcast audience. Try and follow them to the best of your abilities, and you will gain a mass audience in no time.

1. Social Media Promotion

This is the most basic and first step you should take in promoting your podcast. Social media is essentially free, and you only have to pay if you want to. Also, since most people are on social media, you will have a wide reach.

Depending on your content, some platforms may be more appropriate than others to reach your target audience. You can try experimenting which ones work if you are not sure.

The best way for social media promotion to work is consistency and engagement. You must regularly post something for your audience and interact with them. Try to be as active as possible for most people to see you.

2. Guest Networking

If you know someone that may be interested in being your guest, invite them. They can then promote the episode they are on using their own platform and network.

This one would work best with a guest who may already have a following of some sort. It is a free way to promote your own podcast while making for a fun episode that everyone can enjoy.

If your guest is busy, they may not be able to find time to promote your podcast episode with them. This is why you will need to let them know beforehand and make a deal out of it. You can also plan out any promotional strategies with them.

3. Partnering With Another Podcast

You need to think about other podcasts not as your competitors, but as possible partners. Try and collaborate with other podcasts by being a guest and asking the hosts to be a guest on yours. This way, they can promote your podcast to their listeners, and you can do the same.

Try to work with a podcast that talks about a similar industry to yours. For example, if you are a music podcast, you may want to work with someone who talks about the entertainment industry or artists. This will help you ensure that you are still reaching out to the target audience of your podcast.

4. Paid Ads

This will require you to spend some money, as the name suggests. There are different ways to pay for an ad—you may pay for ads to appear on social media, on YouTube, on search engines, or even on other podcasts.

While this may require you to shell out some money, this is a good way to get results. As long as it is done right, you will most likely get a good audience with this.


It may take you weeks or even months to grow your podcast audience. You have to be dedicated and make an effort for it to work. If you have no experience in doing this, just follow our tips above and you will find yourself with a bigger audience soon!

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