Starting a Podcast 101: Selecting a Title – Part 2

So, you decided to start a podcast, right? Now you embark on the journey of finding what’s fit for your podcast. While that may sound like a simple task, it requires a lot of effort and consideration before you arrive at the perfect title. Read on as we continue our discussion on selecting a good podcast title.

Podcast Title Considerations

First and foremost, let’s discuss the things you’ll want to consider when coming up with the name of your podcast. Most importantly, you want to keep your listeners engaged, excited, and in suspense. This is why the title of the podcast is so important. With a great podcast title, people will be intrigued, which will keep them listening. So what kind of title should you use? Here are some quick tips:

1. Keep It Short and Simple

Be sure to keep your podcast title short–and preferably under ten words. The reason for this is pretty simple: the shorter it is, the easier it is for your listener to remember. Making your podcast title too long might make your listener feel confused or excited about the topic, which could cause him to hesitate to listen to it. 

2. Don’t Rush Your Viewer Into Anything

Just because you have a short title, don’t feel like you have to cram as many words into that title as possible. Remember that your listeners need to feel intrigued and excited to listen to your podcast. Don’t give them a title you feel is too short, and they might lose interest, but don’t overload your podcast title with too much information. Remember, your goal is to give the listener a reason to listen, not overwhelm him.

3. Make Your Title Relatable

When coming up with a podcast title, you have to make it relatable to your listeners. With the popularity of social media and podcasting, it’s essential to create a title that will connect with your listeners on a personal level. If they feel they can relate to your podcast, they’ll be more likely to stay with you as your podcast grows and grows.

4. Make It Eye-Catching

A podcast title shouldn’t only have relatable content. It also needs to catch people’s attention. A title like “My podcast title” is not eye-catching nor relevant to your vernacular. You want your listeners to be engaged and want to listen to your podcast. Make your podcast title mean something and really draw listeners in so you can deliver on your title’s promise.

5. Use Keywords

If you’re hoping to have your podcast online and found through any online search engines, you may want to consider using keywords in your title. A good title will consist of at least a few of the keywords you want your podcast to be found under. If you’re unsure of keywords to use, check out Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner. Type in the keyword you want your podcast to be found under, and they’ll give you suggestions based on Google’s database of keywords. You will also be able to see how many people have searched for that keyword in the last month and how much money you could make from that keyword.


Remember, when coming up with a podcast title, it’s important to think about the potential listener. Make sure your podcast title is short, simple, compelling, and, most importantly, relatable. After all, your podcast title is your brand.

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