Starting a Podcast 101: Selecting a Title – Part 1

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Starting your own podcast isn’t as complicated as it was before. You can practically use whatever you have at home right now to record and publish your own podcast. However, one aspect of podcast-making can be quite challenging for some–selecting a title. This is basically your brand and will literally be seen and heard in every episode of your podcast. So, it only makes sense to think of a podcast title very carefully and make sure you choose one that will help your listener recognize and remember your podcast. Here’s a little guide to help you select your podcast title and make the process a bit easier for you.

Know Your Listeners

Before you really get into the process of selecting a title, it’s essential to understand who your podcast is for. Your podcast audience should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re making any decision about your episodes.

It’s helpful to think about your podcast as a conversation. You want to understand who the people are that are going to be listening to you and try to speak to them as best you can. That’s what’s going to make your podcast successful, after all.

For example, if you’re creating a podcast about running, you need to think about the type of people who are going to be listening to your show. You can probably guess that the listeners are going to be people who want to run. There will likely be information in your podcast that will be useful to that type of person.

The Importance of a Podcast Title

A title, of course, is the name of your podcast that you display on every episode. When inviting people to listen to your show, that’s the first thing they’re going to see. That means the title you choose is important for several reasons.

For one thing, a good title makes it easier for people to find a podcast, which means it can lead to more listens. Your podcast title also helps listeners develop an expectation of what your show is about. It’s essentially one of the first things people see when considering whether to download or listen to your podcast.

A title can also be an identifier for what your podcast is about without even having to listen to it. It’s also important to remember that a title can be used as a tagline for your podcast, which makes it easier for search engines to find your podcast. After all, you don’t want a potential listener to find your podcast when they search for something else.

The Lesson from Unpopular Media

Off the top of your head, you might think, “What if my podcast is about something that isn’t popular?” People are going to share and listen to popular podcasts, right? The truth is, there are podcasts about all sorts of niche subjects, and they’re doing just fine.

The most popular podcast in the world, Serial, didn’t get popular because it was trendy. Instead, it got popular because it was a great show. It was something that people wanted to be on the lookout for, and they wanted to share with their friends.

Not all of your listeners are going to be die-hard fans of your podcast. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be interested in what you have to say. So, don’t let your podcast title be a reflection of the latest trend. Instead, let it reflect something that’s true to why you’re creating your show.


When you find the right podcast title, you’re on the right track to creating a great podcast. The right title can make it easier for people to find your show, but it also helps them develop expectations. Ultimately, it gets you closer to creating a successful podcast that you can be proud of.

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