Sound Advice for Making a Podcast Intro Listeners Will Love

To gain an audience for your podcast, you must first capture the listener’s interest. The most effective way to do this is to create an intriguing intro to your show. When listeners hear it and understand what your show is about, they’ll want to continue listening.

Here is some sound advice for making a podcast intro listeners will love:

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions That Are Clearly Prepared Well

Writing your introduction ahead of time is a good idea in order to reduce the time required to introduce the podcast while ensuring that you will not ramble or forget what you wanted to say. Practice reading the introduction aloud before hitting the record button.

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions That Have Appropriate Disclaimers

Let your listeners know this from the beginning if the podcast involves: 

  • Disturbing subject matter
  • Explicit language
  • Sensitive topics
  • Triggering topics

Otherwise, someone may be uncomfortable and need to stop listening. It’s very important to set the proper tone. Most of all, unexpected surprises will definitely turn listeners off of your podcast-especially if it’s their first time.

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions That Have the Right Music

Music tags and a recognizable jingle will help introduce your podcast to listeners. Pick something catchy that can be associated with your podcast easily. Most of all, it can act as a great support system for a witty tagline.

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions That Start With A Question

You can start with a question, which is an intriguing way to open your podcast. 

Another option for an interesting way to open your podcast that people will love is to give listeners key takeaways. If you do that, you can also ask questions to keep the conversation going. 

Other options for interesting ways to open your podcast include to advertise an advertisement that’s later in the podcast, pose a problem you’ll be trying to work out, relate relatable scenarios, share statistics, and tell stories that paint pictures.

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions With A Tagline

What better way to share your mission and describe your podcast in one swift move than to have a tagline? Aside from that, a catchy tagline can also help to shape marketing materials down the line. It can also go a long way to spread brand awareness.

Listeners Will Love Podcast Introductions With Call to Action or Website Mentions

The intro is the perfect place for a well-placed call to action. It’s like a promotion for your podcast, so you can use the short time wisely to pique the listener’s interest. Invite people to subscribe, mention the official website if there is one, ask people to follow your social media accounts. Listeners usually decide if they’re going to keep on listening to a podcast within the first 5 minutes.


Podcasts have been around for some time, but have grown in popularity over the last few years in particular. It’s important to bring in more listeners; introductions are a great way to achieve this. Listeners will love podcast introductions that have the right music, appropriate disclaimers and a tagline.

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