Excellent SEO Pointers to Expand Your Podcast’s Audience

It’s not enough to complete your podcast’s recording, upload it to your podcast host, and leave it be. You always want to spread the word about your podcast and draw listeners. 

Because of this, you must have both a marketing strategy and SEO optimization for your podcast, just like you would for your website.

You speed up your website, make it mobile-friendly, and incorporate keywords and meta descriptions. Some of the advice for optimizing websites for search also applies to podcasts.

Here are helpful SEO techniques to help you rise in the search engine results, increase the visibility of your podcast, and draw in more listeners and prospective customers.

Consider the Site Speed

An important ranking factor in technical SEO is uptime and page load speed. Your website won’t appear first in the search results if it takes a long time to load.

You need a quick-loading website to avoid damaging your rating and the listeners’ opinion of you. You can speed up your website by making progressive web applications with Magento 2 PWA Studio or other tools. Depending on your platform, this is one method for speed optimization.

You must save large media files if you want to listen to podcasts. Although it needs a lot of server resources, you can use your website hosting to achieve it.

The hosting service will simply rewind the broadcast if the number of your listeners exceeds its capacity. Therefore, you should always check that your platform can distribute podcasts to users without any interruptions.

Use Podcast Listening Apps

Encourage others to promote your podcast on their blogs, websites, social media platforms, and podcasts. Your podcast will rank higher on Google the more it is shared and referenced.

Additionally, be sure to make your episodes available on podcast listening apps. It’s best to use as many apps as possible. It increases your chances of connecting with as many individuals as you can on different websites.

Determine the Episode’s Keywords

Keywords will draw in a target demographic that uses specific search terms. As your main topic, choose one brief phrase. You may add a few more crucial keywords as well. 

For instance, enter the word “podcast trends” into the Apple Podcast search field. A list of the shows and episodes that correspond to this phrase will be displayed. You will also see that the podcast’s title, summary, and timeline all contain a keyword phrase.

Post Your Episodes on a Blog

Blog entries simplify Google searches for your podcast. The title and text are two other places where you can include pertinent keywords to improve the SEO of your podcast.

Additionally, the language explains what to expect, making it simpler for people to determine how relevant the podcast is to their inquiries. Include a link to the necessary resources such as the landing page, and list any pertinent information about the guests that weren’t covered in the audio.

If you already have a blog that relates to your podcast’s subjects, utilize your current blog’s on-page SEO to attract more visitors and potential podcast subscribers.


Get reviews and ratings for your show to improve your podcast’s SEO. Positive comments establish your reputation with your listeners and help you rank higher than your rivals.

With strong calls to action, ask your viewers to rate, comment, or like your episodes. However, ask gently to avoid upsetting your audience.

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