Promoly Tutorial – Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

It’s difficult to determine who is engaging with your promotional campaigns when you’re promoting music. Especially when delivering music promos via email.

When sending promos to email lists in Promoly, viewing real-time activity in Promoly is super simple.

Login to your dashboard by going to mailer.promo.ly and then in the left-hand menu, click activity.

Promoly Tutorial - Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

Activity displays everything that is happening in real-time with your campaigns. So if you send out a promo campaign, all of the engagement information and data will be there in time order.

Filtering promo campaigns

Without filtering, it’s organized chaos because Promoly is displaying everything happening with your promo campaigns- so you’ll need to get really specific and tell Promoly what information you want to see.

So, for example, if I sent a campaign out to myself, I can search for myself as a recipient in the activity log. I can either do it by name or email address or filter by campaign name.

Promoly Tutorial - Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

Searching for me by my email address, you can see here a month ago, I checked out a campaign ‘Your Demo of Promoly’, and then a month ago, I downloaded a WAV file.

Promoly Tutorial - Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

If I just want to view how many files I’ve downloaded, I can do that as well.

In the next filter box, you can set the filter to display download only.

Promoly Tutorial - Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

So you can see here, I’ve only downloaded one campaign in the last month, and that was called your demo of Promoly, but that’s only in the previous 30 days.

Promoly Tutorial - Viewing real-time activity on promo campaigns

Using real-time activity data and filtering that information is a powerful way to determine how your audience engages with your music.

Here’s a whole video on using the activity log in Promoly.

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