How to Put Your Music Out There and Be Heard in 2023

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No longer can you rely on your songs alone to gain a following, get your music to people online, and spread your tunes. Changes in the music industry have altered the playbook for bands and artists hoping to spread their songs. 

You have three options to get your music out there.

1. Rely on the Strategy That Built the Music Industry 

Play everywhere, meet people, make friends, be a nice guy, and it will work out. The careers of many artists and bands were built on this philosophy. It helps if you live in a big city and go to many shows. It works better if you play the right kind of music, and it’s easier if you have connections. The problem is not everyone can do it. 

It’s harder than ever to get radio airplay, most DJs play the same music, and the pay for live shows is not enough to live on. That said, this method still works for many acts and will probably continue to be an essential strategy for years to come.

2. Build an Audience and Spread Your Music Yourself

This works best when you have a way to reach your fans and keep them engaged.

The days of get famous and then get a record deal are over. In the past, record labels signed bands and artists before they had big followings, treated them like stars, and were willing to promote them. 

Today, record labels know that they will have to spend a lot of money promoting you if they sign you. The internet has dramatically lowered the cost of promotion and created more opportunities, but you have to do it yourself to reach your fans.

3. Create an Online Following and Dominate the Music Charts

These new tools include digital media and online video, music sharing apps and websites, social media, and online advertising. With these tools, you can build your fan base, connect with your fans, and make money.

While you still need to make music people want to hear, your tools and strategies to get those songs out have changed. Here are three things to consider as you decide how to get your music out there.

4. Establish a Brand Around Your Sound

In the past, most listeners judged an artist’s talent by the quality of their songwriting, singing, and playing. Today that is no longer the case. Great songwriting and singing are required, but listeners are underwhelmed by the quality of music they hear. Today, it is also essential to have a brand.

It is crucial to find a way to distinguish yourself. That usually entails a well-defined brand that reflects your songwriting and style and that fans can identify with. This can take many forms. For example, you can have a brand that reflects a particular style, makes fun of your genre, is built around a theme, is evocative of a place, reflects an attitude, uses a visual element, or has some other characteristic.


There are many ways to get your music out there. The problem for most artists is that there is more music than ever before. Most people hear music has changed, and you need a new strategy to get your music out there and heard. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas to consider creating and distributing your music.

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