Best Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram (Part 2)

Without a doubt, Instagram is now one of the leading ways to promote your podcast online. Part one of this blog series focused on using your IG profile’s Stories and bio to feature your podcast’s latest episode. Now we continue our series with the last few tips on promoting your podcast best on Instagram!

3 – Announce Your Guests

Talking about podcasts that feature interviews with influential individuals and highly regarded experts from specific industries is valuable and exciting to fans and listeners. Make it a part of your audio marketing strategy now.

You can announce these podcasts through specifically targeted Instagram posts that are easy to spot. Pictures of the interviewed individuals, tags of their Instagram profiles, and hashtags related to your podcast are all ways to catch the attention of those interested in your podcasts.

Moreover, you can tag your guests so that followers can get to know them, visit their Instagram profiles, and follow them if they like them. You can even create a template for these announcements. Include your brand, logo, font, and color choices that you use in your posts. Then, make your post visually appealing.

4 – Convert Audio Content to Video or Photo

People today are absorbing information in different and shorter ways than they used to. According to surveys in 2000, the attention span of an individual was 12 seconds. In 2015, that number had decreased to eight point one five seconds, a 25 percent decrease. 

This means that you need to make people interested, but at the same time, you need to create snackable content—that is, content that can be digested in small chunks during moments when people don’t have much time to read.

Snackable content is essential to your audio marketing strategy because audiences ignore content that isn’t bite-sized. Your viewers will appreciate piece-meal posts through a video clip or a static quote.

5 – Introduce Your Show’s Hashtag

One way to promote your business, website, or podcasts through Instagram is through hashtags. You can create your podcast hashtag and use it on social media. For instance, if you publish a post under the #sportswear, people that follow that post will see your post and maybe interact with it. 

On the other hand, you can create your hashtags and use them to promote your posts. Be sure to use one included in more than a thousand posts to gain traction. In time, your audience will get used to it as you use it regularly when promoting your podcasts. Just make sure to stay consistent with it.

6. Make Your Episodes Available on Video, Too

Instagram is the new Facebook, and the best way to promote your podcasts there is by posting images with text. However, you can also post short videos that go along with your posts, easier to post and share on social media. Take a few words from your podcast, turn them into a sample video, and post them on Instagram.

You can use Anchor to create videos first then post them. Anchor is a popular service that allows podcasters to broadcast audio from their mobile phones. You can share your podcast on social media in this way while you are on your phone.

These simple videos are very effective in a world of picture-happy social media users who enjoy watching people having fun rather than reading about it on screens. That way, you can increase engagement because they do not just hear you, but they also see you.

Grow Your Podcast with This Audio Marketing Strategy

We hope the tips in parts one and two help you promote your podcast best on Instagram. It’s all about reforming your content into bite-size posts that tease your audience to watch the full episode while also linking them to the published podcast on your IG Stories and IG profile. That way, your viewers will remember to check out your latest episode, whether live or on-demand, later on.

And of course, why not achieve the best results by combining Instagram and Promoly in your audio marketing strategy! Get on our platform today so we can help you promote content over email and social media by tracking recipient engagement, driving more features, pushing more sales, and getting your brand noticed. Start now—there’s no credit card required!

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