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Let’s play a game. How much unsigned music is in circulation among record labels, industry execs, and tastemakers at any one time?

How many tracks, gigs, and artists are floating around out there?

If your answer was “A number so colossal that it can’t be calculated,” you win!

Everything you do has to compete against the good, the bad, and the ugly – and you’ll need exceptionally persuasive press releases to make sure that your work stands out.

Unfortunately, crafting a market-leading, exciting, and characterful press release can be incredibly stressful, not to mention time-consuming – but Promoly’s team of press release and music promotion experts will save you from the terrifying abyss that every writer stares into when they confront yet another blank page.

With over 10 years of industry-specific promotional experience, the Promoly team know how to craft a stellar press release that leaps out of a tastemaker’s bottomless inbox, and straight into their brain.

First, we’ll give you a form, so you can provide us with all the facts about your hard work and send over any appropriate materials (links, images, etc).

Then we’ll apply our expert knowledge of the music industry, your competition, and tastemaker psychology, and supercharge it with relentless dedication to getting you the attention you deserve.

Think of our service as a set of cheat codes that help you hack the game and get ahead.

No hassle, no effort, no agonising hours wasted in front of a word processor.

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How It Works

You decide how many words

Choose from 200, 400, or 1000 words. Each word count will be suitable for different purposes; if you’re not sure which option is best, feel free to ask us!

Promoly get to work

Once you’ve ordered, Promoly will contact you with a few questions about your music. Once you’ve sent the answers back, we’ll begin writing, developing, and proofreading.

We’ll make sure that each order features exceptionally persuasive content and optimal readability, and arrives within six working days.

Check your inbox

Ding-ding! Promoly delivers the order straight to your inbox. Once received, please share your thoughts. If you’re feeling kind, a review is always appreciated!

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