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Artist Biography Creation Service



Custom Artist Biography Service

You are as unique as the music you create, and it’s important for people to recognise this. You need to tell a compelling story in order to stand-out in a crowded industry.

We can work with you to create an artist biography, which is more than a simple CV of your accomplishments. We’ll ensure that your work is represented, while also giving prospective clients an idea of your individuality and character.

Upon application we will provide you with a short questionnaire which you can fill out, this information provides the foundations(*) of your biography which our professional writers will build up into a solid and marketable proposition.

There are three tiers of biography available and these range in length and detail.

At our basic level (200 words) you can expect a simple explanation of your background, the sound and accomplishments.

Standard level (400 words) brings that same volume of information plus any marketing angle you would like to emphasise plus a lot more space for us to bring out your character and Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Detailed level (1000 words) is the equivalent of an Industry publication cover article, for which we will source positive commentary for your work while also selling your sound and history in a comprehensive and market-leading fashion.

Your biography will be a joint effort; you bring the noise and we’ll shape it into a symphony for you.

*At any tier, we may contact you via email in order to support the detail from your questionnaire.

How It Works

You decide how many words

Choose from 200, 400, or 1000 words. Each word count will be suitable for different purposes; if you’re not sure which option is best, feel free to ask us!

Promoly get to work

Once you’ve ordered, Promoly will contact you with a few questions about your music. Once you’ve sent the answers back, we’ll begin writing, developing, and proofreading.

We’ll make sure that each order features exceptionally persuasive content and optimal readability, and arrives within six working days.

Check your inbox

Ding-ding! Promoly delivers the order straight to your inbox. Once received, please share your thoughts. If you’re feeling kind, a review is always appreciated!

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