5 Things to Prepare Before Marketing Your New Music

Just like consumer brands, your music career also requires sound marketing strategies to succeed. You need to get people to listen to your songs, and you can’t do that without advertising. To broaden your reach and open more doors of opportunity, you must invest resources into promotion and marketing.

To reach more listeners, you can develop a marketing and sales funnel, which is a customer-focused marketing approach that goes through the journey a listener would go through towards purchasing your music. The reason it’s called a funnel is because people get out of the process along the way and fall into particular stages of marketing.

However, before you design a marketing and sales funnel, you have to take into account a few crucial considerations. Keep on reading for the prerequisites you need to make your marketing campaign a success.

1. Focus On Creating Amazing Music

Before you think about how to market your music, you need to deliver a great product. To build a career in this industry, it’s important to build up a solid foundation first—write and produce music that your target audience will adore.

2. Define Your Brand

Accordingly, it is important to establish your brand before you rise to fame. What do you want people to think about when they hear your name? Think about how you want to show the world who you are and the type of music you want to make. People will be captivated by your personality, so think about merging it with your public persona.

3. Design an Attractive Website

One way to express who you are is by launching an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, and optimized website. This is the very first stage of your marketing journey, and it will be the primary objective for your marketing efforts. Make sure you focus on web design, navigation, and user-friendliness to keep your target customers satisfied.

4. Be Active on Social Media

When people hear your music and become interested in what else you’ve created, they will look for you on social media. Make sure you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Post new content regularly and engage with the fans that find you.

5. Utilize Tracking Tools and Prepare Analytics

To measure success in your marketing ventures, you need some specific tools and analytics.

  • Social Media Analytics – You can use tools that allow you to do content research, curation, brand monitoring, collaboration, and post scheduling. 
  • Music Brand Engagement Analytics – If you can, you should sign up for tools that offer data integration across sources like streaming, radio, and social media.
  • Lead Generation Analytics – Work on email marketing campaigns and designing effective landing pages to gain leads and convert them to listeners and even paying customers.
  • Music Distribution Analytics – You should be able to access a dashboard of your music performance on streaming platforms and digital storefronts like Spotify for Artists.

Final Thoughts

As a musician, you should treat your career like a business startup. Aside from offering unique products (your songs), you should also be strategic in marketing to reach business success. Remember to target your actions toward your chosen demographic and build relationships to get loyal customers (your fans!).

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