Talk the Talk: 5 Best Practices for Launching a Podcast

Launching a podcast isn’t a walk in the park. But since podcasting is one of the newer forms of media available to the public, most people use it to discuss topics that may be relevant to others. Therefore, you may want to consider putting out audio files for others to listen to and hopefully learn something from.

Similarly, many things could go wrong when launching a website where you plan to showcase your podcast. Fortunately, through the experience of others, you can avoid some common mistakes newbies make to ensure a seamless listening experience. 

Here are some best practices new podcasters should incorporate into their podcast launch.

1. Choose a Simple Name

If people want to succeed with podcasting, they should choose a simple yet catchy name for the show. Although complexity isn’t discouraged, naming a podcast show shouldn’t be difficult as listeners would need to recall and identify it at a single glance.

Some podcasts may contain valuable content but lack the simplicity of the show’s name. As a result, people often forget about them and continue listening to other podcasts whose titles have been recalled and built for the general public.

2. Implore an Audio Marketing Strategy

Similar to other forms of media, podcasts may also need help from various advertising or marketing campaigns to boost audience engagement and visibility. An excellent audio marketing strategy should help introduce the show to the general public, especially for those starting.

As a result, more people will be tuned in to the show. Podcast shows can depend on organic audience growth as well. However, if you’re in a rush and want to share the content immediately with your listeners, it’s best to use specific advertising and marketing campaigns to get people interested.

3. Use Sophisticated and Fitting Graphics

Graphics play a significant role in podcasting. Some people base their attention on podcasts that use creative graphic art on their covers for each episode or series on streaming platforms.

Like album art, the graphics used on podcast covers should entice people and convince them to listen to the show’s content. Although judging a book by its cover isn’t good, some people rely on compelling graphics, encouraging them to engage or interact with the media format.

4. Launch a Complimentary Website

A website is an essential tool for most businesses nowadays. If you’re planning to monetize your podcast in the future, it’s best to launch it with a complimentary website that listeners could visit.

In turn, the website grows its reputation and online authority while the podcast establishes its place in the public’s eyes. In the end, both platforms should support the goal of informing people about how they can reach out to the podcast creators for more information on the content released.

5. Select a Specific Niche

Selecting a niche is the most critical part of launching a website. Podcasts can’t be a general-themed show—people wouldn’t think of it as a reliable source of information unless it focuses on one topic and branches out to relevant themes around it.


Launching a podcast isn’t a walk in the park. However, because of people who have found their shows first, mistakes have been made and can now guide future podcasters into establishing their presentations on an excellent note.

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