The Common Podcasting Myths That Are Needed to Be Debunked

Some individuals get addicted to podcasts after discovering them. Others are so enamored with it that they think about giving it a shot. However, most people are also worried about the things that aren’t going your way—your lack of experience. While this can be a considerable setback, you’re not alone in thinking this.

This article will discuss some common myths about podcasting that you need to be aware of. In addition, this article will discuss the importance of podcasting in today’s world.

Importance of Podcasting Today

Aside from entertaining and educating the masses, podcasting helps people share their personal experiences. This means that you will get to learn so much from other people.

Not only that, podcasting helps people to make money. It is a medium where you can promote a business and get paid for it simultaneously. This makes it a viable business model if you have the right perseverance and charm for it.

Myths About Podcasting that Needs To be Debunked

1. Podcasting Is Too Complicated

This is the most common myth of all since some people think it’s a complicated thing to do. In reality, podcasting is simple and easy. You only need to have the right tools and proper techniques.

In addition, you need to be open to the things that you lack to take action to solve the problem. If you are having a hard time podcasting, you can always ask for help from an individual who has experience in podcasting.

2. Podcasting Would Only Take One Individual to Do a Podcast

Podcasting is a team effort. If you do not have a team that supports you, then it is best to postpone your podcasting endeavor until you have a team that supports you. Generally, podcasting is a two-person job—a host and a co-host.

As a host, you need to inform the listener about your podcast and the goal you want to accomplish. On the other hand, your co-host can drive the conversation while complementing or contrasting your points.

Besides someone next to the table, you may also consider getting a sound engineer, a producer, and an editor if you don’t have one. This streamlines your publishing process and ups your podcast’s production value.

3. Podcasting Is Expensive

The most expensive thing about podcasting is the equipment. These expenses include a microphone, computer, software, internet connection, etc. However, if you are one of those individuals with a startup budget, this business is the right one to choose.

4. Podcasting Is Only for People Who Have Many Followers

Some individuals have no followers at all. They still have a podcast, and they became popular in no time. The reason behind it is that they have an excellent podcasting website.

In addition, they are consistent in doing their podcast. To be noticed, you need to put more effort into your podcast. When people see that you are a hard worker, they will be interested in it.


Through podcasting, you can have a great time and earn money simultaneously. If you are interested in doing it, you need to get the right tools, do your research and go for it. Finally, you have to consider reaching out for help from professionals for your podcasting journey.

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