Podcast Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Podcasts provide you the opportunity to talk directly to your audience and prospects. In comparison to blogs or other written pieces, your voice has the potential to create a more personal, more profound connection with your audience. However, there is a problem: you will be selling a podcast to use a podcast to promote your organization.

Podcasting is similar to blogging in that you must generate traffic to your articles to sell your products or earn advertising money from visitors’ views and clicks. If you aren’t getting the exposure you need, it won’t be a viable marketing avenue. 

Maintaining a podcast is a long-term marketing strategy that can gain traction over time, so don’t expect instant success. You may, however, run into some difficulties along the road, so be prepared. Here are some hurdles that you might face when doing promotional activities for your podcast: 

Your Ads Are Placed on the Wrong Platform

Are you paying hundreds of dollars on a Facebook ad yet seeing little-to-no return on your investment? Even if you complete your research and spend hours selecting the most appropriate audience for your adverts, it is possible that they may not be successful in their efforts. This is because the platform isn’t the most appropriate medium for promoting your program.

If your podcast talks about making a business thrive, LinkedIn might be a good platform to start with since it is where most people go for professional and work-related material. Your business development podcast would feel right at home here, and you would get far more ad interaction than you had anticipated. When it comes to podcasts about the newest fashion trends for teenagers, LinkedIn will get you no listeners, but a brief Instagram video may close the deal.

You’re Releasing Episodes at the Wrong Time

Making the most of your engagement statistics is essential. Be sure to plan your postings properly, taking into account the day of the week and holidays. Some of the most popular periods for your material may not be the most appropriate for it. Take into account that, even if user engagement on social media platforms is stronger during the late hours, there are a much greater number of posts with which yours would have to fight. 

Another thing to remember is that people are more conscious of what they see and absorb information more clearly in the morning. That’s also when your prospective listeners go to school or to work, which makes it an excellent time for your podcast to find its way into their daily commute.

You’re Excessively Ambitious

Even though it makes perfect sense to be inspired by well-known innovators, it may sometimes be challenging to determine how they achieved their fame. What worked for them may not always work for you, even if you are successful in your endeavours. Check out a wide range of themes. Identify podcasters that provide material similar to yours and niche producers who produce audio on wholly different topics than you. Whatever they do, you may be able to glean something beneficial from their approach and incorporate some of it into your plan. 

You Don’t Have a Conversion-forward Website

It isn’t uncommon for podcasters to launch their program without first putting any thought into developing a web presence. After all, you can get your podcast out to the world without a site at all simply by submitting your program to well-known podcast directories. While this is a possible solution, it will ultimately limit you from taking your podcasting game to the next level. A website gives your program a more professional appearance, and it allows you to give listeners more opportunities to convert into customers such as by purchasing products you produce or merch you made.

Final Thoughts

Success is seldom easy to come by. It is generally the result of many tough months spent implementing your marketing strategy. Often, the most challenging part of launching a podcast isn’t the actual production process but rather the marketing that comes with it. It is impossible to skip it unless you want to keep your material to yourself indefinitely. There is also no need to refrain from doing so. Statistical data and marketing jargon are merely another opportunity to communicate with your audience and channel your creativity in the proper direction.

At Promoly, we will make sure you will get past the marketing hurdles and have effective digital audio advertising strategies. We will help drive downloads, grow your audience, and impact your niche industry through your podcasts. Contact us today to learn more! 

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