Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing as You Expected

Analyzing podcast metrics is not easy – not even for seasoned showrunners. In fact, this task is one of the things that beginner podcast hosts fear and complain about.

Even with all the data and metrics, you have access to, like the number of downloads, the number of starts vs. streams, and average consumption, it’s still hard to see a complete picture. They don’t exactly answer the questions you are most curious about – who listens to your podcast? Why is it not growing?

In this post, digital audio advertising experts from Promoly shares some of the reasons you’re not seeing as much growth from your podcast as you want:

The Premise of Your Podcast Is Unclear or Irrelevant

A lot of podcasters, who haven’t started a podcast before, may have a hard time identifying the core message of their show. This, in turn, will lead them to focus on producing lots of episodes rather than coming up with a few good ones.

What’s more, there’s a good chance that you’re not simply passionate about your podcast’s core message but that your podcast’s premise is built around something you’re passionate about.

Think of a few topics and areas you’re genuinely passionate about. Then, choose the one you can talk about the most (and most interestingly) during the time you’re looking to invest in your podcast.

Your Intros Are Not Good

Your podcast intros should be short, engaging, and to the point. Remember to introduce your podcast the same way each time so that listeners know what to expect. After all, consistency always helps. Withholding information from your listeners is an excellent way to keep them from lingering around.

You’re Not Doing Enough to Market Your Podcast

A lot of podcasters worry about creating compelling content but forget about the importance of marketing their podcasts. It goes hand in hand with creating content. If your podcast has a good concept, you need to make sure that you get the word out.

You Focus on the Wrong Metrics

Sure, growing your audience is essential. But, the problem is that the number of page views and downloads does not tell you much about your audience itself.

You want to focus on goals that will improve your podcast metrics. For example, a few of these goals include:

  • Increasing the quality of your podcast episodes
  • Increasing the frequency of your podcast episodes
  • Increasing your podcast downloads
  • Increasing your podcast subscriptions

If you have a good quality show, you have a good chance of increasing your downloads and subscriptions, which will lead to a good number of page views over time.

You’re Rushing Things and Measuring Too Soon

It’s common for people to want a quick win. But, podcasting is different. It can take weeks to build an audience, and there’s no quick way of doing it.

So, if you’re new to podcasting, it’s a good idea to start now and measure your podcast growth in a month or so.

This will allow you to concentrate on building your audience, who will remember you over time.


These are just some of the reasons your podcast is not performing as well as you expected. As you can see, all of these can be fixed. You can think of a relevant premise for your podcast, improve your intro, and nail your marketing strategies. A reputable digital audio advertising company can help you with that. 

Promoly can provide you with a sound audio marketing strategy that can help take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today to learn how our content promotion tool can help you!

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