Podcast Demo Reel: What Is It & Why Should You Make One

Podcasts are one of the most famous forms of entertainment and information dissemination in the world today. If you own a podcast, it’s crucial to find ways to market it and gain more listeners. Though there are many strategies to do this, one of the most effective ways is by creating a podcast demo reel.

What is a podcast demo reel, and why is it a good audio marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Podcast Demo Reel?

A podcast demo reel is basically a promotional video, usually between one and two minutes long, that highlights an individual’s skills as a podcaster. People produce these videos to show just how talented they are at running and hosting podcasts and how proficient they are at crafting interesting content.

These videos are typically an accompaniment to a résumé and allow people to get a job in the podcasting industry without needing to know and demonstrate the various parts of creating a podcast.

Why Should You Create a Podcast Demo Reel?

A podcast demo reel is a reel of your best podcast episodes, edited together. Here are the top benefits of creating one:

1. A Podcast Demo Reel Can Attract New Listeners

A podcast demo reel is a great tool to attract listeners to your podcasts. You can promote it on social media, on your website, in email signatures, in cover letters and even on your podcast itself. People will not only be able to see the kinds of podcasts you create and whether they want to listen to your podcast but also if they want to hire you. As long as the quality of work is there, people will notice and appreciate you and your podcast.

2. A Podcast Demo Reel Can Be Used for Other Gigs

Your podcast demo reel does not have to be used just for podcasting jobs. Instead, you can also use it for jobs in other fields, like broadcast journalism or radio production. If your reel is great, people outside of the podcasting industry will appreciate it.

3. A Podcast Demo Reel Can Help You Attract Sponsors

Your podcast demo reel can also help you attract sponsors. You can promote your podcast demo reel to your own sponsors and let them know that they can get more exposure with you and your podcast than they could with other podcast hosts.

How Do You Make a Podcast Demo Reel?

Here are some tips to follow when creating a podcast demo reel:

1. Select the Right Podcasts to Include

When you’re creating a podcast demo reel, you want to make sure your best work makes it into the reel. This means you need to pick the best episodes of your podcast that you have and edit those together. Don’t include episodes you’re not satisfied with or that are not from your best shows. Make sure you’re only showcasing your best work.

2. Edit the Podcasts

Then, once you have picked out the episodes, you need to edit them together. The editing process is just like creating a regular video. You’ll need to select the best clips from each show, cut out the clips you don’t want to use and then put the clips together in a sequence that makes sense for your podcast.

3. Get Good Audio Quality

Though you can use good editing software, you still need to have good audio quality. You should use a good microphone and audio interface to get good quality audio. You can even get a good pop filter and a shock mount to help reduce the amount of sound coming from the mic itself.

Final Thoughts

A podcast demo reel is a fun way to showcase your skills as a podcaster and your talent at podcast creation. If you’re trying to succeed in the podcasting industry, then you can use your podcast demo reel to market yourself to potential employers, sponsors, and listeners.

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