Top 8 Microphone Etiquette Tips to Do for Your Podcast

Podcasts have become a popular way to consume content, whether for entertainment, education, or both. A big part of what makes podcasts so great is that they’re usually free and easy to find online. And, with the rise of smartphones, podcasts are more portable than ever.

But, in order to create a podcast, you need two things: a microphone and some software to record and edit your audio.

What Are the Different Types of Microphones

There are a few different types of microphones that can be used for podcasting. The most popular type is the dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are great for podcasts because they’re relatively inexpensive and they don’t require any extra equipment (like a preamp).

Another type of microphone that can be used for podcasting is a condenser microphone. Condenser microphones are more expensive than dynamic microphones, but they offer a few advantages. First, they tend to have better sound quality. Second, they’re more sensitive, which means they can pick up a wider range of sounds.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend using a dynamic microphone. They’re more affordable, and they’re easy to use. As you get more experience, you can upgrade to a condenser microphone if you want to.

What Are the Top Microphone Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Microphone etiquette is often overlooked, but it is essential to know the basic tips to get the most out of your microphone. If you’re planning on starting a podcast, there are a few things you should know about microphone etiquette. Here are the top 8 tips to follow:

1. Always Test Your Microphone before Recording

It’s important to test your microphone before recording to ensure it is working properly. This can be done by recording a short clip and then listening to it. If you notice any static or other issues, try adjusting the position of the microphone or moving to a different location.

2. Hold the Microphone Close to Your Mouth

When speaking into a microphone, it is important to hold it close to your mouth. This will help to ensure that your voice is being picked up clearly. Avoid speaking too close to the microphone, as this can cause distortion.

3. Speak in a Clear Voice

When recording, speak in a clear voice. This will help to ensure that your podcast is easy to understand. Avoid mumbling or speaking too quickly, as this can make it difficult for listeners to follow.

4. Avoid Making Noise during Recording

It can be difficult to avoid making noise when recording, but it is important to try. Background noise can distract listeners and make your podcast difficult to hear. If possible, record in a quiet room or use a soundproof booth.

5. Avoid Moving the Microphone

When recording, it is important to avoid moving the microphone. This can cause the sound to become distorted. If you need to move, do so slowly and carefully.

6. Always Proofread Your Script before Recording

As a voice actor, one of the most important things you can do is proofread your script before recording. This will help ensure that you are delivering the lines as intended and that there are no errors.

7. Take Breaks as Needed

If you find yourself getting tired, take a break. It is important to be well-rested when recording. This will help to ensure that your podcast is clear and easy to understand.

8. When Editing Your Recording, Be Mindful of the Levels

If the levels are too low, your recording may sound quiet and difficult to hear. If the levels are too high, your recording may sound distorted and difficult to understand.


If you’re looking to start a podcast, or if you’re already podcasting and want to up your game, remember these microphone etiquette tips! they’ll help you sound your best and avoid any awkwardness or frustration. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of your microphone and avoid any potential sound issues.

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