What Can Make Your Podcast Listener’s Experience Better?

Being a podcaster can be quite a fulfilling experience, as you get to share your thoughts and opinions to other people through audio. Especially with strong advocacy and a concise message, you can truly make quite a difference. 

However, it’s important to think about the recipients’ experience from side to side. While you’re speaking, someone is listening to what you have to say. Make sure that it’s worth their while by making it much easier and better. There are a few improvements that you can make, and here are just a couple of suggestions on improving the podcast listeners’ experience.

1) Be Descriptive With Your Words

Your listeners wouldn’t have the visual aid or cues that help them figure out what you’re talking about, relying only on audio. Plus, there’s nothing more frustrating than listening to somebody who’s incoherently describing what they’re seeing or experiencing.

Practice being more descriptive with your words. It can help to have a script from time to time if you want to avoid winging topics and discussions, but just be more cohesive about what you want to say. By giving more detail and precision, you can stimulate your listeners’ imagination.

2) Work on Delivery When Storytelling 

Podcasting talents are so interesting and great at retaining their audience because their delivery of the lines and stories are perfect. They know how to lay out the facts and go on the journey with their listeners while sharing information bit by bit. 

If you want to have a more conversational tone when storytelling, try to be more conscious about it and practice once more. Talk with friends and ask for feedback about how you can convey the information a little better for your listeners.

3) Provide Accessibility and Promotions

The listening experience can be different from platform to platform and person to person. Some may cater more to listeners who are deaf, hard of hearing, or those who are just learning the English language for the first time. Provide accessibility by having transcripts ready at the helm.

Plus, you can use that text when you’re working on promoting your podcast. Copy and paste them into messages. Link prospective listeners and share where your show is, how they can listen, and the efforts made to make it as accessible as possible to many groups of people.

4) Invest in Both Quality and Quantity

Sometimes, making the listening experience better is just a case of having to improve the production of the audio. By making the sound quality better and clearer, it wouldn’t be too hard for your listeners to continue and listen. They might even seek more podcast episodes, so be sure to create plenty for them to stick around and listen to.  

5) Make a Habit of Sign-Posting

Many podcast hosts have adopted the signposting technique, which essentially means adding emphasis on important details that you wouldn’t want listeners to miss. Making use of pauses and tone changes can help make the listening experience better as people will be drawn to pay attention a little more eagerly.


Audio can be quite powerful, but always consider how listeners receive what you’re putting out. There’s always room for improvement, whether it’s with the show’s promotion, production, or overall accessibility. 

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