How to Improve Your Podcast for Search Engine Optimization

Despite the rise of social media channels and video streaming material, podcasts remain a popular form of digital media. In fact, in 2020, 55 per cent of US consumers were listening to podcasts.

With the debut of the iPod, iTunes made podcasts immensely popular. You may listen to the news, music, audio commentary, business ideas, and self-help material everywhere you go, whether you’re driving, working, or relaxing. Now, however, podcasts can be accessed anywhere. 

As more consumers resort to informational audio content, the demand for podcasts grows significantly year after year. Google and Spotify also produce podcast content, aside from Apple. 

Podcasts have turned into a trendy option for content consumption, which is why podcast SEO is slowly rising in popularity. Simply put, podcast content is becoming a serious SEO asset to expand reach, boost expertise, and network with other professionals in the field.

Here are ways of improving your podcast content for search engine optimisation (SEO):

Construct a Web Presence for Your Podcast

Although you do not need a website to start your podcast, having one may benefit your SEO. A website makes it simpler for search engines to find and index your episodes, resulting in increased traffic to those episodes. 

You can use it to create an email list of your most devoted listeners, which will help you expand your business. You may also produce blog material to go along with the publication of your podcasts on a website to help you promote them. 

Including Keyword Phrases in Your Episodes

Even in podcasts, keywords are essential. Keywords make your podcast content discoverable on search engines and the podcast platforms themselves. Include keywords in the title, podcast description, and metadata. 

Make sure to tag your podcasts properly, carefully considering your target audience and the terms they will use to find your podcast. Choose keywords with an extensive search volume yet minimal competition, which you can find via keyword research tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner. 

Include a Transcript of the Meeting

Although Google’s natural language processing skills have improved, they are still far from flawless. Therefore, a transcription of your episode may aid search engines in better understanding your podcast in depth. 

Transcription may also make your podcast more accessible to listeners by providing an apparent, legible reference to everything discussed in the episode, which can be helpful for new listeners. There are many programs available for converting your audio recordings to text. Just be sure to read over them and edit out unintelligible words and pauses before posting your content. 

Share Your Podcasts on Social Media 

Social shares of your podcast content can increase its popularity and success. Surprisingly, podcasts are the most popular form of entertainment among millennials, who consequently are the most significant consumers of social media content.

If you want to optimise your podcasts, better share them on social media for a more significant impact. Use UTM links so you can adequately track which platforms are the most effective in acquiring leads and improving conversions.

Encourage Reviews from Your Audience

User-generated content such as reviews encourages more leads because users tend to trust user content more than what brands say about themselves. The same goes for podcasts. The more people listen to you and recommend your content, the more likely you’ll attract new listeners

Google places great importance on customer evaluations, particularly when they come from well-known third-party websites. Encourage your listeners to write a review on your podcast if they liked listening to it. Begin with your most dedicated supporters and make the procedure as easy, quick, and straightforward as possible for them to participate.


The rise of the mobile app also launched podcasts into mainstream media. The fact that Google is making changes to its algorithm to give greater weight to podcast SEO suggests that this is a content format that is anticipated to continue to expand in the coming years. It is high time to integrate podcasting into your SEO strategies so you can keep boosting your brand or business.

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