Engaging Ideas for Instagram Stories from Podcasters

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Many podcasters prefer Instagram because it provides their show with a visual component and allows them a chance to interact with their audience outside of the podcast. Using hashtags relating to your show and the subjects you discuss on Instagram is a terrific way to get noticed organically.

Many people have trouble drawing in their audience. A lot of podcasters create social media accounts for their show, but they only use them to advertise new episodes. The audience isn’t really given anything to interact with.

And if you know how algorithms work, you already know that engagement on a post can cause Instagram to push your post in front of more users, leading to more engagement and more views, and so on.

Ask your audience questions and solicit their opinions if you don’t want to merely show them the experience without inviting them to participate. 

When your audience engages, Instagram knows that your account and posts are interesting and will move you up in the algorithm’s rankings, putting you in front of more users.

One of the most well-liked strategies to increase engagement is Instagram Stories, especially for podcasters who want to ensure that something they’re announcing or posting will receive many more views.

Below are helpful tips to get you going and maybe motivate you to think of more that are particular to your program and your audience.

Poll Stickers

People want to express their opinions, especially if it’s as easy as pressing a button, which is why this sticker is so popular. Podcasters prefer to use the Quiz sticker with a remark that reads, “No wrong answers,” if there are more than two alternatives.

Question Stickers

Unless they already have a very vocal audience, podcasters shouldn’t ask for pages and paragraphs of text because it takes more effort for their listeners to interact with this sticker. Most people will respond best to questions with a one- or two-word rapid answer.

Add Your Sticker

This sticker is so much fun to use to learn more about your audience. Take note of the stickers your audience seems to enjoy interacting with and the subjects they seem to respond to most as you use these various stickers. 

If you host a fitness podcast, your podcast typically generates the majority of your Instagram followers. Almost certainly, your audience will enjoy offering their opinions on anything involving food and health.

Benefits of Independent Podcasting

Getting to know your audience well, especially when it’s a small and intimate audience, is one of the advantages of being an independent podcaster. It could take some time for your audience to become comfortable with the idea of interacting with your stickers. 

It can be difficult to receive any feedback on these stickers, so if you submit a sticker for the first time and receive none, don’t give up! Like anything else in podcasting, give it a shot for a bit and watch your listeners’ reactions.


Your audience may be more likely to engage if they already frequently use Instagram. If you discover that your audience feels more comfortable conversing on Twitter or Facebook, go there rather than attempting to herd them to a social media site they don’t usually use.

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