How to make an incredible smart music URL

If you’re a musician, record label or producer, you’ll likely want to show off your freshest tracks and upcoming music release. And what better way than to use a link page showcasing where your music is available to buy and stream.

Link pages are great for music promotion, as you can funnel fans through the link and direct them to where they can buy and stream your music. 

What is a smart music URL page?

A music links page is a sleek landing page advertising your new music, bio and shop links, like Spotify and Deezer. The page is set up to tempt fans to click on the link you have provided.

With a music link page, instead of just providing a single option for people to stream your songs online, you offer several different options so they can choose whichever works best for them.

Customise it how you like. For example, if one of your fans isn’t using Apple Music, they can switch to Spotify. Or, if they don’t use Tidal, they can click through to Deezer. Or maybe you only want to drive traffic to Juno Download – that’s fine too, and it’s your links page. 

Most music link pages will include widgets, music players and links to point people towards where they can buy or stream your music.

This is the guide if you’re a musician, label owner, or producer.

How do I make a music link page?

First of all, you’ll need to decide which service you’ll use to create your links page. You can do a quick Google search for a service, or since you’re on the Promoly blog, we’ll talk about Promoly’s music links page creator. We call these Links Page in our app. 

How to make an incredible smart music URL

Promoly is super powerful, especially for creating attractive one sheet landing pages designed primarily for your music. Promoly builds these for you on autopilot, meaning you can start promoting and marketing your music in minutes! 

Here are a few benefits of using Promoly for your smart links: 

  • One-click links campaign creation (seriously!) – no more tedious manual setups. 
  • Fetch your music shop links by providing one link, like SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify or Beatport, or barcode, ISRC or URI. 
  • Automatically pull in the music players from the digital shops and add them to your links page. 
  • Unlimited links
  • Real-time analytics – you’ll always know what’s happening with your marketing. 

Creating the campaign in Promoly

First of all, head to mailer.promo.ly (if you’re not a customer, you’ll need to start a trial) and log in. Press’ create new campaign’. Click the links page option, and name your links page appropriately. 

How to make an incredible smart music URL

Promoly makes campaign creation super simple by only requiring 1 URL or barcode to your music – provide the link, and Promoly will use its powers and populate the campaign for you. Promoly fetches shop links, metadata, album art, and an embeddable player.

Manual creation is possible too, but who wants extra work?! 

For example, I want to import the release information from this Bandcamp URL https://bay6recordings.bandcamp.com/album/pieces-of-my-life-space-cadet , copy the link from Bandcamp and paste it into Promoly’s import field. Like the image below. 

How to make an incredible smart music URL

On pressing search, Promoly will find all available shop links which you can import into your campaign – This means you no longer have to go wading through every single DSP and streaming service to find your links, which is super convenient. 

How to make an incredible smart music URL

Press the confirm button on the input form if the music looks correct, and Promoly will build your campaign. 

Once finished, here’s how a simple links campaign looks on an iPhone 12.

What’s incredible is that Promoly built this landing page without me doing any manual setup – copy a URL, import into Promoly, press save – that’s it, now I can focus on promoting.

Promoly also pulled in and embedded the Bandcamp player, which means any stream will go towards your royalties. 

What is a Spotify pre-save campaign link?

A Spotify pre-save campaign link allows your fans to pre-save your new music on Spotify before release. And on the release date, your music is automatically added to their Spotify library.

Think back to when you to used to pre-order albums – it’s precisely the same principle. There’s a theory that if you get enough people to pre-save your music on Spotify, the algorithm will favour your music, pushing it into their charts and playlists. However, that theory remains open to debate, and only the Spotify team really know. 

When the time comes to promote your music towards the upcoming release date, you’ll already have many people who already have the music in their library. This gives you a chance to build excitement and interest among your target audience. Hopefully, when you drive more people to Spotify, you’ll start to see traction. 

How to use build Spotify pre-save campaigns in Promoly?

Your music must be available on Spotify and not yet released to use this feature.

I know that’s a contradictory sentence, but what I mean is your music distributor must have delivered the music. Spotify is waiting to make it available for streaming on the release date.

If you log in to Spotify for Artists, you should see your forthcoming music – from there, you can grab the URI (as well as submit it to editorial playlists). Also, here’s a nifty URL to URI converter you can use.

To set up a pre-save campaign in Promoly, you’ll need to use the above steps, but instead of providing any URL to your music, you must input a UPC, EAN or Spotify URI/URL.

And like how the previous campaign was built automatically, Promoly will create the pre-save campaign autonomously. 

Where can I share my music links?

The great thing with music link pages is that you can share them anywhere. Once the link page is set up, you’ll know the links will always work as you have overall control if you’re using an app like Promoly. 

Here are ten places where you can share your link page or pre-save campaigns

  1. Include the campaign link under your new track when you upload music to SoundCloud. 
  2. If you upload a new YouTube video, include the pre-save link in the video description. 
  3. Create a Telegram group for your music fans and pin your campaign link to the top of the conversation. 
  4. You could share your new music on Reddit and direct people to your pre-save link. 
  5. Add the link to your Twitter bio and create a Tweet and pin to your feed. 
  6. Build an email list, and the next time you email your fans, drive them to a pre-save link – you can deliver pre-saves via email with Promoly. 
  7. Go on an old-school forum and paste your link in the new releases section. 
  8. Get involved in music groups on Facebook. Often they have a new music Friday’s thread. 
  9. You could run a Facebook ad to your link to start pushing traffic to their favourite shop – don’t forget to include your tracking pixels and retarget your audience.  
  10. Last but not least, send it to your Mum for her approval. 


Music link campaigns and pre-save campaigns are crucial pieces of the puzzle for marketing your new release.

The way the music industry is shifting and the streaming platforms are becoming more prominent, and you’ll need to figure out a robust way of generating an album link for your fans. The best way is by link campaigns – start your free Promoly trial today and start driving fans to your music!

Also, if you’ve benefited from this article, feel free to share it with your favourite artists and friends. 

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