How Overpromoting Your Music Can Push Your Fans Away – What to Know

Technology has now made it easy for artists to update their fans about their latest musical productions or personal ventures. Social media allows you to connect to a wide audience by sharing what you had for breakfast or lyrics to a new song you are producing.

Even an image of the backstage at a concert helps you forge deeper connections with your followers. However, the ease of sharing updates does not mean that you must share every minute of your life.

Don’t bombard them with information

If you put yourself into your fan’s situation for a while, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you feed them daily. Instead of seeing essential updates about your music, you bombard them with an endless news cycle about your pet, new places you visited, and dating app notifications.

Posting everything on social to see which updates get the most interaction is a negative strategy because you combine exciting updates with random posts. As a result, your social media engagement decreases because of the oversharing dilutes a fan’s attention. Shrinking attention spans and the reduction of reach for organic posts makes oversharing a bad idea as well.

Refine your social media strategy

Most of your social media followers care about your music. Because of this, you should only post about new music, gig schedules, and future collaborations to get the utmost priority. Posting an image of the pizza that you will share with your band does not add value to your social media strategy.

Don’t abuse your freedom to post anything on social media. While there’s nothing wrong about engaging your audience in a conversation, sharing more updates than needed takes away your promotional power. Your fans will pay less attention if you provide mundane updates that are irrelevant to your music.

Prioritizing what’s important will help you get the most of each post. However, this doesn’t mean that you must discard sharing about the lighter side of your life. Instead, you can do one post of that nature for every two or three music-related updates. If you’re releasing a new album soon, focus your messaging to promote that and stay away from posts that are unrelated to the album.

Combining different types of posts will surely deliver stronger messages as well. A one-liner about your new single combined with a short video of the recording process will draw more visitors to your social media assets. The same approach will also work if you want to share funny or poignant updates.

Upgrade the promotional campaign for your music

Regardless of post types, you must earn your audience’s attention by initiating an effective distribution campaign. You can send the music through their email and track whether or not they opened the message and listened to the song.

Using Mail Merge will make it easier to share your music with a broader audience. Their software must provide stats and analytics about the recipient’s tendencies. Finally, their fans must have a platform to address their feedback. Contact a company that offers email music promotion and ask for a free trial of their platform if possible.

If you are looking for a music promotion company to help you promote your music effectively, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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